Doctor Who Challenge Day 13: Favorite Planet or Time


Awhile back, right when I first began this humble blog of mine, I accepted a Challenge right off: the 30-Day Anime Challenge. Towards the end of it came the category, “An Anime You Wished Was Real.” I was unable to pick one. My quandary was simply that the real world has both beauty and horror enough, so whatever wonders might be offered in an anime world, it tends to come with accompanying horrors that I am quite happy to leave as utterly fictitious, ya know?

That’s roughly the same situation I am in now.

The Doctor sees all the wonders of creation, but most of the planets and eras he visits are absolutely horrifying in some way, not the least of which is in modern-day London, beset with countless extraterrestrial threats. So how am I supposed to pick a favorite when they all have that in common?

Or perhaps I’m just happy enough where and when I am. I have all the benefits of modern technology, including decent food and water, shelter, clothing, the internet, etc. I am far less inclined to go into trouble when I know that trouble is what I’d be going into, ya know?

(the Doctor quietly judges my mundane choice)

Or maybe I’m just really lazy and mundane in my tastes. 😉

So, if I must pick a favorite, it would be Modern-Day Earth. The one time and place, with all the benefits of modern civilization, which is the single most frequented stop the Doctor makes, countering the many nefarious forces at work in the world and generally making life easier and safer for us all. 🙂

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