Sunday’s Wisdom #182: For Our Mothers

“There isn’t a little boy born who wouldn’t tear the world apart to save his mommy.”
– The Doctor, Doctor Who
Series 1, Episode 10, “The Doctor Dances”

What better quote for Mother’s Day, eh?

The exact circumstances surrounding this quote involve a boy who, by freak occurrence, gained the power to do exactly that, tear the world apart to save his mom. He stands as an example of why we don’t all have that power, because the world would end in about five minutes, but the point still stands.

Every man was once a boy, and there is no limit to what we would do, if it were in our power, for our mothers.

If hate begets hate, then a mother’s love for her children begets love for her in return. Love being naturally a motivation to protect, mothers are known for being very protective of their children, and children are known for protecting their mothers. I cannot think of single instance otherwise where something was not perversely wrong with the situation. It is simply in us to love and protect, and we learn about that straight from our own parents.

In my family, we joke about grizzly moms. It refers to how a mama bear will defend her cubs, and ferociously, even against male bears twice her own size. So, you really don’t want to be the pale, puny human, by comparison, which threatens one of my mother’s brood. Or any mother’s brood, really. 😉

That drive to protect flows in the other direction too, I can promise. I’ve not yet had occasion to unleash my demonic wrath, as no one has been unfortunate enough to threaten my mother, but I pity any poor fool who ever does. It will not end well for them. (mwahahah!)

Of course, the same also goes for my sisters, but I’ll elaborate on that another time.

For now, let our mothers know that we, their sons (and daughters), will always protect them as they have protected us, even if we must needs tear the world apart to do so.

Hopefully it won’t come to that, and there are countless less-dramatic ways to show our love (like calling or skyping on Mother’s Day and helping out in more ordinary ways every day), but you get the idea. 😉

Love you, Mom.

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