My Reasons Why

I have had virtually no exposure whatsoever to 13 Reasons Why. It does not appeal to me and no matter how I might appreciate an attempt at discussing suicide, I could only abide it if the overall message was “Don’t do it.” However, I can most definitely appreciate when people respond with things like “13 Reasons Why Not.” That, I absolutely love. 🙂

So, I’m quite happy I got tagged for this. Thank you, Moya! And thank you, Kimchi, for coming up with this! 🙂

Rules are as follows:

Mention the person who nominated you

  • List 13 reasons why you keep going/living (This is borrowed from the book but I’m taking it the opposite direction).
  • Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.
  • Use the picture that I created in your post. I’m sorry that I’m a bit bad a making these things… But I tried.

So, let’s get this show on the road!

These are My Reasons Why:

1) Life is good.

I want these words on my tombstone. 🙂

This is my personal motto. I say it all the time, most often in response to, “How are you?” It makes people smile. No matter how hard, or frustrating, or annoying, or sad, or bad life can get, I remind myself that it’s not so bad.

Full motto reads: Life is good, no matter what! 😉

2) I. Do. Not. Give. Up.

AKA: sheer stubborn willpower, LOL.

My stubborn nature can sometimes be a curse, of course, but it has also been a blessing. I can’t claim my life has been particularly hard, but the inside of my head has occasionally been pretty messed up and dreary. (thus my need for that motto of mine) As I observe the world around me, I find that it doesn’t much matter exactly what one’s life is like, it’s what’s going on in your head that determines what you choose, whether you keep going or not. I don’t care exactly what it is, but you need to have something in your head that keeps you going when all else fails. It could be hope, faith, anger, love, or, in my case… I’m just too stubborn! 😉

3) Family who cares about me.

However bad my life gets, I have one of the greatest blessings in the world: my family.

It has always boggled and horrified me when I have seen families who don’t even love their own. I mean, it just seems so natural to me, to care about them, and others, and to be cared about in return. Sure, we’ve had our fights, but we look after each other. We worry, we help, we talk, we advise, we protect. When I die, anyone who outlives me will miss me, and I don’t want to make them sad like that.

I love them, and they love me.

4) Family who needs me.

One of my more depressing observations about myself is how little practical use I’ve been to my family. They’ve done so much for me, and I’ve done so very little for them. Oh, sure, I’m a good listener and give good advice, or so I’ve been told, and I’ve helped with some projects here and there, and I love being an uncle, but these are the people who have fed me, clothed me, sheltered me, helped me through college, taken care of me when I’ve been sick, and so much more. I’ve failed at so much in my life, professional career included, so what have I really been able to do in return? Pretty much nothing.

But now, I am of use.

Forgive me for sparing the details of the situation, but suffice to say my sister and brother-in-law recently needed someone to take in my nephew, and I have. It’s a partnership of sorts between them and I, and we’re still working things out. It’s not a happy situation for them, and it’s not easy for me, but a part of me simply overjoyed to finally be helping my family. To finally be of use, to be helping them for a change, is an absolute joy for me.

No way I’m leaving them high and dry now! 🙂

5) I am not alone.

I don’t just mean in terms of solitude or stuff like that. I mean being alone in life, alone in my interests, alone in the things I like and don’t like, alone in the way I think. I am none of those.

I have my family, my friends, my friends-who-are-family (as I call them), and I have you, my audience. 😉

I am not alone. That is a simple, powerful blessing I do not intend to cast aside.

6) I hate unfinished stories.

…that’s ’nuff said. 😉

7) My dogs.

I have two small, white fluffballs of love named Belle and Sam. They bring joy into my life with every lick, every nuzzle, every pet, every walk, every “I’m so glad you’re home!” 🙂 If I died, what would happen to them? I’d rather not find out! 😉

8) My writing.

Writing is my passion, and my greatest talent. If I did not have my writing, what would I be? A wolf without teeth, a bird without wings, a fish without gills, that’s what.

For most of my life, I’ve been working on a few dozen stories that I want to publish, but that’s very slow work and I’ve yet to finish a one of them. My blog here, which you, my wonderful audience, are kind enough to read, has become my means of self-expression, and my means of writing so I don’t go mad. I love it!

I especially love that little bit of light that I can shed into someone else’s life like this. 🙂

9) Entertainment.

Specifically, “Stories.” Books, movies, anime, cartoons, TV shows, music, games… I have an incredible hunger for good stories, and I intend to enjoy them for as long as possible! 🙂

10) Honest work.

It might not be glamorous work, and I might not be rich, and it might not be what I truly would like to do, not at all, but it’s work. It’s good work, paid work, and honest work. As long as I’m working, I’m earning my way, and there’s something deeply satisfying about that.

11) Little moments with good people.

When they hold the door for me as I’m working, and I can say, “Thank you.” When they like how I say, “Life is good,” all the time. When they thank me for my work. When we hold the elevator for each other. When we say, “Hi.” When they share their cake.

Little sparks of light. Put enough of them together, and you have the sun.

12) Little blessings everywhere.

A cloud giving me some shade. A short wait for the bus. Overhearing a good song. A tray of cookies left out for everyone to share. A moment of peace and quiet.

13) I want to be better than I am when I go.

Every moment of every day I’m alive is one where I can improve myself. When I die, that’s done. There’s nothing more I can do, nothing more I can give, nothing more I can become. I could die at any moment anyway, and I will die someday. But I want to be better than I am when I go.

There are so many more reasons I could pick, but I am limited to thirteen. 😉

As for who I’m tagging:

My Tiny Obsessions

I look forward to your reasons 🙂

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9 Responses to My Reasons Why

  1. Awesome. I’ll get on to this one as soon as I can. It’s a wonderfully positive tag.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Your first reason with ‘life is good’ was so wonderful to read. That’s such an amazing attitude to have ^_^ And thanks for the nomination, I’m definitely going to get to this soon!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. moyatori says:

    This post just shows what a positive and sincere person you are! Thanks for taking up the challenge. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kimchisama says:

    This was so awesome to read and I love the part where you mentioned that you weren’t alone. Sometimes I think people tend to forget that and that can be the starting of a lot of depression for some. Thank you for taking part!


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