All Aboard! Additions to My Pirate Crew!

Yohohoho! Ain’t this a popular one!

This tag is making the rounds fast, and it’s coming back around again already! I swear, I’m seeing my fellow anime bloggers getting tagged second and third times all over the place! I guess it’s my turn for Round Two, eh?

My thanks to Matthew of Matt-in-the-Hat for the tag! 🙂

The rules, once again:

  1. Display the My Pirate Crew logo and add ‘My Pirate Crew’ as a tag.

  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.

  3. Link back to the original post here (so I can compare your crews to mine).

  4. Select seven anime characters and give them a position on the crew. These are the positions you can to fill. Warrior, sniper, chef, doctor, scientist, navigator, strategist, mechanic, entertainer.

  5. Nominate 5-10 bloggers.

  6. Set sail and rule the seas!

Now, I do have to admit… when I first made my crew, I kind of fell in love with them! What can I say? I am a sentimental fellow! So, instead of starting again and making an entirely new crew, I thought to myself… what could I add to round things out a bit?

Thus, I present some comrades, rather than competitors, for my crew! Hey, we’re heading out to rule the seas, there’s bound to be occasion for needing a bit of help, ya know? So all aboard, everyone, and let’s set sail! 😉

Heh, and since I managed to make my first crew almost entirely female before I even realized it, I might as well keep it going! 🙂

First and foremost, there were two roles I left vacant in my original crew, whose value would be tremendous. I am pouncing on the opportunity to fill them first: the Sniper and the Entertainer.

As the inevitable violence poses a direct threat to our lives and freedom, and thus our wonderful enjoyment of our entertainment, the Sniper role gets filled first! On which note:

Sniper: Tanya Degurechaff
Saga of Tanya the Evil

I must admit, when I thought of snipers, Tanya did not leap to mind at first. Heck, thinking of people I want to be around, Tanya did not leap to mind either! But she does possess some long-range skills, combined with impressive mobility and formidable firepower. Her personality might leave a great deal to be desired, but her skills and intelligence are unquestionable. That makes her not only useful as a sniper, but also as a secondary strategist alongside Mavis.

Hah! Now there’s a thought! Tanya, as part of our crew, may be surrounded by sweethearts with nerves of steel, but I would be so much money to watch see her and Mavis working together! It’s would be hysterical! Maybe some of Tanya’s rough edges will get worn down, eh? We saw that in her own anime, actually, and there weren’t that many sweethearts around her then.

And now that our survival is… well, the odds are ever more in our favor. 😉

And now that we have taken care of that, it’s  time we filled the last slot, for Entertainer!

Entertainer: Isuzu
Log Horizon

In complete honesty, I was heavily tempted to pick Brook, from One Piece. But, I figured that was kind of cheating, especially with Nami as my Navigator. 😉

Most of the entertainers I could think of… well, they were definitely skilled, and I’ve nothing against them, but none of them just quite seemed to fit, ya know? Some were too loud, not quite good enough, had only one trick up their sleeves, or needed entire groups when I was looking for an individual. With Brook to measure up against, it was an uphill battle.

Then I remembered Isuzu.

She’s a sweet young girl, caring, and very talented. She has skills and soul, both learned from her father. She has a pleasant voice, well-crafted instruments, and colored lights. She wants to wander, to see the world and make people smile with her music. She has a strength to her character, a spirit and force of will that makes her formidable. And she can even cast literal spells with her songs, so she won’t hold anyone back in a crisis.

It’s just… well, it feels like the natural choice, ya know?

So, now we have full bellies, healthy bodies, a functioning ship, a direction, a plan, brains and brawn, a sharp eye to strike our foes afar, and a bit of light and warmth to make our days and nights at seas more pleasurable.

It’s a good crew… but we can shore it up a bit. 😉

I was feeling like Mavis and Aisha, now with the addition of Tanya, could handle most anything to come our way, but it still feels a little out of balance, ya know? Like, we need someone else, a fourth member to make our trio a proper combative squad. In particular…

Warrior: Lucy
Elfen Lied

You want someone who can kick butt and mow straight through whatever stands in our way? Lucy is a one-woman army! She is cutthroat and precise, exceptionally capable on any battlefield. Her invisible limbs would come in handy in everyday life, of course, but they give her a tremendous advantage over the enemy.

She’d make an especially good partner for Aisha, I think. Aisha’s range is more limited, and the disconnect between that and the range commanded by Tanya and Mavis both is a bit telling. Lucy bridges the gap, giving Aisha someone to stand at her side and watch her back, and vice versa.

And you gotta admit, an extended amount of time traveling the seas, freely, with some friends, would do Lucy a world of good.

And now that our fighters are stocked up to become a formidable fighting force, I want to think defensively again. As anime has constantly demonstrated, the ability to block or throw a punch is dwarfed in value when compared with the ability to get back up after taking a hit. In that spirit, I’m recruiting another medic!

Doctor: Megumi Takani
Rurouni Kenshin

I was thinking of various superpowered healers, but… well, we already have that, so I am prioritizing knowledge and steady nerves over everything else.

Megumi is a skilled, capable doctor. Put her in a crisis, and she is in her element, calm and focused. She can learn anything she doesn’t know, and having a practical doctor on hand can do wonders. We wouldn’t have to rely too much on Sayumi, and we could handle injuries and ailments that are more nuanced, and thus require something more than a simple restoration to how things were before.

And while we’re dealing with preparedness, let’s add more brains to the brawn to keep the ship running and the power of knowledge on our side. 🙂

Mechanic: Mei Hatsume
My Hero Academia

Sure, she’s a bit crazy, in the sense of being very enthusiastic, but at least she has passion, and I’ll take that over anything else any day! 🙂

She’s clearly intelligent, clever, and good with her hands. Everything she comes up with is proof of that. And it won’t hurt to have someone around who can build excellent gear for both the ship and its crew. That can make a profound difference in any crisis. Who better to craft the tools which will enhance our capabilities, eh?

I’m sure she and Winry will have lots of fun together!

And speaking of fun

Scientist: Bulma Briefs
Dragonball franchise

I wanted Bulma badly from the get-go, I am not passing up the opportunity twice! 🙂

I mean, just imagine what Bulma, Washu, Mei, and Winry could do together! Oh, the possibilities! They’d be every bit as formidable, in their own way, as the more combat-based team of Aisha, Lucy, Tanya, and Mavis!

Oh, fun times await! 😀

And finally, to keep us all fueled up and fit for action, as we now have a lot of formidable stomachs and surely don’t want to overwhelm the Master Chef, let’s give him some help, eh? How about a cute little assistant who’s just a little ball of cheerfulness?

Chef: Sasami Masaki Jurai
Tenchi Muyo

…I rest my case! 😉

So, that’s it! Two tags, one crew! Whatcha think?

Now, for some tags! I pick…

D&A Anime Blog

Have fun! 🙂

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9 Responses to All Aboard! Additions to My Pirate Crew!

  1. DerekL says:

    Mei sure is a popular choice for mechanic… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Matthew says:

    I forgot about Megumi. She is an excellent doctor. I like your choices 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First, thanks much for the tag!

    So I’m reading your choices, and I’m thinking, “Hey, good choice with Tanya as a sniper!” Then I read your choice for entertainer:


    What a great choice! She can entertain and energize her party!

    Lucy and Mei jumped out at me as equally great choices.

    What a fun tag!

    Liked by 1 person

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