Introduction: 30-Day Anime Pick 5 Challenge

Here we go! The time has come!

Some of you may or may not remember this, but, in celebration of my fifth year of blogging, I decided to take up the 30-Day Anime Pick 5 Challenge!

(five years, pick five, you get the idea 😉 )

I shall do one of the “Days” each week. It probably won’t always be much, as this is the “Pick 5,” not the “Countdown Your Favorite 5,” Challenge. 😉 But I shall do it anyway, and I shall strive to make it enjoyable for you, my wonderful audience! 🙂

This shall lead up to my fifth blogging anniversary in October, wherein I shall do something I have wanted and promised to do from the very first post I ever posted: a countdown of my favorite anime! Yes, I shall actually select them! It will be a very interesting process! 😉

For now, though, here are the thirty “days” in question, so you can see what you have to look forward to. And if it strikes anyone’s fancy, feel free to join in and do your own! 😀

Let’s get ready to rummmblllle! 😀

Day 1: 5 Most Watched
Day 2: 5 Adult Characters
Day 3: 5 Adolescent/Child Characters
Day 4: 5 Non-Human Characters
Day 5: 5 Ships
Day 6: 5 Friend-Ships
Day 7: 5 Families
Day 8: 5 Friend Groups
Day 9: 5 Clubs/Organizations/Teams
Day 10: 5 Enemies/Rivalries
Day 11: 5 Male Seiyuu/Voice Actors
Day 12: 5 Female Seiyuu/Voice Actresses
Day 13: 5 Action/Adventure Shows
Day 14: 5 Harem/Reverse Harem Shows
Day 15: 5 Comedy/Gag Shows
Day 16: 5 Slice-of-Life Shows
Day 17: 5 Drama Shows
Day 18: 5 Movies
Day 19: 5 Outfits/Uniforms
Day 20: 5 Weapons/Props/Objects
Day 21: 5 Backgrounds/Scenery/Animation
Day 22: 5 Opening Songs
Day 23: 5 Ending Songs
Day 24: 5 Character Songs
Day 25: 5 Original Soundtracks
Day 26: 5 Angry Moments
Day 27: 5 Sad Moments
Day 28: 5 Funny Moments
Day 29: 5 Happy Moments
Day 30: 5 Want to Watch

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4 Responses to Introduction: 30-Day Anime Pick 5 Challenge

  1. Lynn says:

    Love it. Looking forward to your answers. Nice twist with the 5 picks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DerekL says:

    Interesting twist! Looking forward to it!

    Liked by 1 person

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