May I Ask a Favor?

Could you, my wonderful audience, be my sounding board for a moment?

I have a little idea turning over in my mind, and I’d appreciate any feedback you might share.

Short version:

I am considering compiling and publishing the first five years’ worth of Sunday’s Wisdom as an ebook.

Good idea, or no?

Long version:

From the moment I stopped wanting to be an astronaut, Power Ranger, and Ninja Turtle, all at once (hey, a five-year-old doesn’t care how difficult it would be to be multiple things simultaneously), I have always wanted to be an author.

I fell in love with stories early, and I fell in love with writing the moment I wrote my first story in the first grade. All through the grade school years, when others groaned about how long our writing assignments had to be, I was excited about how long it could be. Perhaps that’s been my weakness: never learning how to trim things down so I could just write it, finish it, and publish it. Still, I’ve never quite stopped trying, even when I’ve practically given up.

A few years ago, I made a promise to myself, that I would write something, really work on it, and, come the end of this year, I would send it in for publication, no matter what it was or how it was. A huge step for a would-be author. Probably doomed to failure, but a huge step.

Maybe that’s what got me thinking about this.

I also have been pondering the future quite a lot as of late. I can’t keep doing what I’m doing forever, so I need to figure something out. Naturally, my attention turned to my blog, and looking for ways to monetize it. WordPress has some helpful hints there, but I’ve yet to gain the traffic needed make ads profitable, or to affiliate with Amazon, and I don’t have any actual goods or services to sell. All I really have is my words. My perspective.

That actually reminded me of some of my fellow bloggers, who I have seen publish their work in. But I ask myself, what could I publish? My reviews might be nice, even useful in their way, but not in a compiled format. I’ve hardly anything else at all that I could actually market.

Then it slowly dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, an answer was literally right in front of me.

Sunday’s Wisdom has often surprised me in its relative popularity. I may be a bit prone to pontificating, but I always strive to look for what stories can teach us, and that, I think, could be of enduring, if also modest, value.

An ebook could also be more palatable to a reader. Instead of having to come onto my site and trudge through my archive and directory, they could peruse it anytime, anywhere, even if for only a moment or two.

It could also give me more publicity and drive more traffic to my humble blog here.

And, let’s face it, if my hobby could start paying a little, even if it’s just enough to pay for itself, that would be a plus. 🙂

Obviously, I would need to put some work into this, putting it all together, refining it, figuring out how to even publish an ebook at all, etc. It is no small thing.

And, quite honestly, given the wide range of material I draw my quotes from, I am somewhat… I amend that, I am absolutely terrified of everything to do with possible copyright infringement.

So, there are things for me to consider, and that is why I would like to ask you, my audience, for your thoughts on the matter. I know, it’s selfish of me, but I would appreciate any insight you might offer this humble amateur. 😉

A poll, for people to cast their votes quickly.

And if any of you who want to say anything more substantive, I will appreciate your comments below.

And thank you. Thank you for any input, and thank you, very much, for being my audience.

Have a great day!

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4 Responses to May I Ask a Favor?

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the copyright point. I like the idea itself, but you need to be really careful with quotes. I would recommend researching each one thoroughly to see how much you can quote and whether a license fee would be applicable.

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  2. V Donovan says:

    As some one who has done some self publishing, it’s a lot of work for very little return. But, it is a neat experience. I think one thing you have to consider is if you’re compiling and doing some basic editing, it may be weird to charge people for what they can get for free here on your blog. You may have to write new things or majorly change what you have to give it more value.

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  3. kimchisama says:

    This sounds likes something that would go really well with a planner or a calendar. Honestly if you do your diligence with copyright this would be an interesting idea. With self publishing the real trial is marketing and getting the visibility.
    If your dream is to write and be published go for it!

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