It’s a Beautiful Endgame

That was beautiful.

Usually, I say “awesome.” With italics and exclamation points. But this time, that falls short. Far, far short.

It was… beautiful.

…now, how else to properly describe it, without any spoilers?

Well, I suppose I should start with the most obvious thing:

Avengers: Endgame does not stand alone.

It is a massive comic book crossover on the big screen. It is the twenty-second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it is the second “half,” if you will, of Infinity War. The two of them are best enjoyed together, and together they are the true crescendo of everything that has come before. Where Infinity War entwines the stories of all the characters, Endgame goes even further, truly drawing on all of the previous movies. One might be able to follow what is happening, but it works a whole lot better after one has seen the rest of the movies already.

Deep end of the pool, here, people. Deep end.

Indeed, it is by relying on everything that has come before that Endgame is able to have such an immense emotional impact. The relationships between these characters, what they were, what they’ve been, and what they’ve become, has been built up over all this time, a saga over a decade in the making. Our love of these heroes has likewise been built up, and so we are invested in them. Thus, when we see them in their darkest, most painful and sorrowful moments, it is legitimate and lingering. When we see them rise, and we see them defy the most terrible evil this universe has yet given us to see, it is inspiring and powerful. When we see their sacrifice, and their triumph, and everything in between, it is… genuine.

I had no idea what to expect with this movie, and that is good, because nothing I might have expected went any way that I would have expected it to go.  It’s full of surprises, and laughter, and tender moments, and a lot of tears. There are so many magnificent scenes, with excellent cinematography and special effects, and music, all top-notch. Indeed, everything was masterfully done, and considering how difficult that clearly was in Age of Ultron, and how easy it seemed here, that speaks volumes as to the attention and skill of everyone involved, and the mutual support they were given. The interconnected threads of the story, the fights, the developing plot, all of it… it is practically transcendent.

I am adding my voice to many who praise this movie. I’ve heard it called something that we’ve never seen before, and may never see again. I’ve heard it praised as something which, we may know there are imperfections in it somewhere, but we just don’t care on an emotional level. I’ve heard it praised as the best movie ever and I must agree. I might not allow myself to get hung up o classifying it that way forever, but this may well be the best movie we have ever seen, a complete masterpiece, the seminal work of Marvel Studios and everyone who works there. Super kudos to each and every person who contributed to this.

And I am going to leave it at that, with very few  details and no discussion whatsoever about what actually happens. That may come at a later date. 😉

Whatever summary I might give of this movie, it all seems to fall a bit short in my mind. So instead, I’ll repeat myself, with an explanation.

I personally define “beauty” as something which uplifts us. And that is what this movie is to me.

Avengers: Endgame is a truly beautiful cinematic work of art.

Rating: 11 stars out of 10.

Grade: A-Plus-Plus.

I am so owning this as soon as absolutely possible!

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3 Responses to It’s a Beautiful Endgame

  1. DerekL says:

    All I can say about Endgame without getting spoilerish… Oh. Em. Gee.

    I’ve been a Marvel fan since I was a kid back in the 70’s, and I am blown away by the MCU.

    Liked by 1 person

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