A Replacement Anime Ending Song

Hello, my wonderful audience! 🙂

I have gone and edited my most recent post a little. The idea was to share five ending songs from anime, but my very first pick, which I liked the most, first got taken down by YouTube, and then the only replacement I found on some completely different site also got taken down. Which sucks, because I really liked it. However, I’m not about to let that get me down! 😉

SO! 🙂

As I hate to leave anything unfinished, I just got the urge to pick one more ending song, and when I was rewatching an anime, in anticipation of reviewing it, the ending song just suddenly spoke to me very strongly.

I’ve gone back and added this in, but post-publishing edits do not get much publicity, and I just really wanted to share this with you, my wonderful audience! 😉

So, I present, as a substitute for my original first choice…


It’s sweet and tender and soulful, and just the perfect note on which to end an anime that I wished continued on! 🙂

And on that note, have a wonderful day! 😀

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