Anivengers Assemble!

Heh, just imagine this crew showing up together in Endgame!

Awhile ago, I made a post about My Anime Justice League. The idea for assembling My Anime Avengers has been percolating ever since, but the timing never seemed quite right with the rotating cast. Now that we’ve basically reached a definite point of separation between the phases, with the coclusion of an entire three-phase saga, and before we get a million new additions to the ranks, I figured now was the best time I was ever going to get! 🙂

To be clear, these are only for Avengers. Not Guardians or Agents of Shield or anything like that. They must be clearly part of an Avengers team-up without any affiliation with another team or group, though they are allowed to have significant roles, like, say, King of Wakanda or head of Stark Industries, etc. If I were to include everyone that could be included, I’d be writing a novel. Which, I do hope to do that at some point, but on this particular subject. 😉

Also, as the membership has continuously rotated, it was easier for me to divide them according to what Phase they were introduced in.

And my anime JL roster is off limits.

Finally… these are not going to be perfect comparisons. If you have your own ideas for better candidates, by all means, share! Let’s have some fun with this! 😀

Phase 1: The OG Avengers

Iron Man
Franky, One Piece

He’s basically a mad scientist, a builder, who has enhanced his physical abilities with technology, and continues to improve on such. He has a troubled past including the loss of a father figure to a shadowy conspiracy that controls entire nations, and he’s felt the sting of having his own creations used against him. He provides many of the tools his comrades use, and he more than holds his own in a fight.

Captain America
All Might, My Hero Academia

In terms of raw power, of course All Might is far stronger. But much of his physical strength comes from an external source, as something he inherited from a genuinely good person. Yet, it is his heart which makes him a hero, not his power. He embodies the sheer will to serve and help and fight for others. He stands as the first and last line against a great evil, determined to hold that line no matter how hopeless the odds, and no matter how grievous his injuries. He simply refuses to stay down.

(And he has both a scrawny and a buff form)

Laxus, Fairy Tail

A warrior of strong stature, who wields the power of lightning. He has had problems with his ego, including disputes within his own family. He is cast out for his actions, and returns redeemed.

Eren, Attack on Titan

He goes from a normal state, where he is physically weak, to a form where he is a physical powerhouse of overwhelming strength. His transformation is rooted in mad science, and his power is fueled by his anger, his rage. It’s difficult to control, as if it has a will of its own, but he gets the hang of it in time.

Black Widow
Alita, Alita: Battle Angel

Yes, we all know the Major, Matoko Kusanagi, from the Ghost in the Shell franchise, is the most obvious pick. But I already used her in my Justice League, so, hear me out. 😉

Alita is a young girl, who happens to be artificial. She was made a certain way, with expectations from those who made her. She rebels against that control, choosing to live her own life, yet there is a definite vulnerability beneath her strength. And she is truly formidable in a fight, no matter her slight stature.

Ashitaka, Princess Mononoke

A proud, noble warrior, known for his skill with the bow and arrow, but also with a sword. A honest, humble man who first answers the call of his duty out of love, and comes to bear a terrible burden. Merciless in battle, but kind and forgiving as well, even seeing humanity within a woman that others would dismiss for her savagery.

Phase 2: The Add-Ons

War Machine
Trowa, Gundam Wing

Technically, War Machine was introduced in Phase 1, but he doesn’t really count as one of the original Avengers, ya know?

As for Trowa… well, I’d say he is a pretty classic example of a warrior with a mechanical suit that specializes in overwhelming firepower, of the variety of bullets and missiles. He’s also very physically fit and capable on his own, very bound to his duties and ideals as a fighter and as a friend.

Batou, Ghost in the Shell

A former soldier of unimpeachable honor and loyalty, with certain technological advantages over his enemy (albeit very different from Falcon’s ability to fly) and the skill to use them effectively. He’s strong, but clever too, and stands within the heart of an amazing group of people, even inheriting a legacy, in time, from someone he greatly admires and trusts. And he can actually smile. 🙂

Astro Boy, Astro Boy

An artificial person, created by a mad scientist, who flies around protecting people with a goodly amount of firepower at his disposal.

Scarlet Witch
Tatsumaki, One Punch Man

A woman with tremendous telekinetic power, which she wields with masterful skill, overwhelming her enemies and making even the most fearsome enemy tremble at her approach. And she has plenty of attitude to go around.

Joe Shinamura, Cyborg 009

Taken by an evil organization bent on world domination, turned into a speedster, choosing to fight on behalf of others, forming some unlikely bonds of mutual loyalty, and, though the anime did not get quite that far, he eventually dies protecting others.

Rimuru, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Quite a bit more overpowered than Ant-Man, perhaps, but Rimuru is one who thinks outside the box, finding unusual solutions to complex, dangerous problems. He has a few abilities that he uses in clever ways to achieve his goals. He genuinely cares for the people around him and can freely change his form as necessary. Oh, and there’s almost always something funny about his adventures, even in a crisis.

Phase 3: The New Guard

Black Panther
Tiger, Killing Bites

He’s strong, cunning, and quick, with physical abilities above the norm because of something unusual that was done to his body. He’s proud and noble, with an unconquerable spirit and a defiant soul.

Deku, My Hero Academia

A young man still at the beginning (I hope) of his time as a hero, learning quickly and making mistakes along the way, but taking responsibility for all of it. He is strong, and getting stronger, both in terms of physical strength but also agility and precision. He has an unexpected breadth of knowledge to apply, and he does so very well. And he is the inheritor of a legacy, a leader of the rising generation of heroes.

Akatsuki, Log Horizon

She might not be able to shrink, but she has quite an array of tricks anyway, well-suited to stealth and quick, devastating strikes!

Captain Marvel
Caulifla, Dragon Ball Super

A woman with a fierce, unbridled attitude and a whole lot of power, shining bright as a star and delivering mighty blows that utterly demolish, nay, annihilate her enemies! Need I say more? 😉

Doctor Strange
Kisuke Urahara, Bleach

A man of intelligence and learning, a master of magic and sorcery, with many spells and tools at his disposal, especially his iron will and fleet-footed wit. A bit on the arrogant side, though, isn’t he?

…is that everyone? I think that’s everyone. Did I miss anyone?

What do you think?

Who would you assemble for your Anivengers?

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8 Responses to Anivengers Assemble!

  1. Laxus as Thor makes a lot of sense, although I see their personalities being a bit different.

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  2. DerekL says:

    All Might / Captain America – *PERFECTION*. Joe Shimamura / 009 as Quicksilver is also an excellent pick… And a shoutout to a classic series that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

    I’d have put Alita as the Wasp though, the OG Wasp was brilliant and fearless in the same manner… She got short shrift in the movies, but in the comics she lead the Avengers on several occasions.

    With that swap, Mikasa Ackermann neatly drops in as Black Widow. Not only as a more-or-less ordinary human relying on training and technology, but also playing with the Romanoff/Banner relationship.

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  4. ospreyshire says:

    Very fascinating picks. Seeing Batou, Cyborg 009, and Astro Boy on the same team was quite fascinating.

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