I’m a Real Neat Blogger!

Of course it’s when my blogging takes a steep dive that I start getting a bunch of blogging award tags in quick succession. 😉

I am playing a bit of catch up right now, so forgive me, please, for doing this more efficiently than artistically. 😉

For instance, I was tagged two or three times as a real neat blogger, so I’m just going to combine my response to a single post… and I will forego tagging anyone, so, this particular branch of it ends with me. That’ll be a recurring theme with these award tags.

So, thank you, Keiko, and thank you to Anime as a Cup of Tea!

The Rules

1. Display the logo.

2. Thank the bloggers for the award.

3. Answer the questions from the one who nominated you.

4. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers.

5. Ask them 7 questions.

So, questions and answers over teatime first, from Anime as a Cup of Tea

If you could change one anime’s ending, which anime would it be?

Well, I could take my pick of anime with unfinished stories, but to tweak an actual ending… Angel Beats. I mentioned in my review how the ending is heart-rending, then sort of backpedals, and then they added a new extra ending thing… yeah, just pick one of those and stick with it, ya know?

…or maybe I would just have Spike live through the end of Cowboy Bebop.

…or maybe not…

Any movie that you wish you could reset from your mind so that you could rewatch it again and again?

Nah. I’m not one for that idea. I like remembering everything I ever watched. 😉

Who do you think is the most underrated character of all time?

Oh, that’s a tough one. …a really tough one. I have literally never thought about that one. I have no idea!

Assume that you’re a main character in an anime, what genre would the anime turn out to become?

A slice of life, comedic family drama.

You can slap any character you want, who would it be?

I do not slap. I entirely punch the lights out of…


Seriously. There are not many people I would be so categorically and diametrically opposed to, and very, very few I have wanted to hit more.

A gif that you can’t get out of your mind?

No such thing at the moment, but, because this one is amusing and adorable:


A friend from an anime that you desperately need?

Sheska, from Fullmetal Alchemist. A bookworm after my own heart! 🙂

Now, for Keiko‘s questions!

What was the highlight of 2019 for you?

The end, because of the holidays, the time off from work to spend with family, have fun, enjoy exceedingly good food, that sort of thing. 🙂

Have you set yourself any goals for next year?

Yes. I want to finish writing a novel that I’m working on before the end of 2020. …I’m not doing so hot at that, but I’m trying.

Which three fictional characters would you like to be stuck in a snowstorm with?

Edward Elric, to provide us some shelter, if necessary, with his alchemy.

Roy Mustang, to provide us some fiery warmth.

The Flash, to find our way home and get us there as quickly as possible.

Currently, what’s your favourite OP/ED?

Heh, I don’t think I mind getting asked this one so much, because I can have a different answer every time! 😀

Color of Happiness
Ah My Goddess: Flights of Fancy

Do you prefer anime or manga?

Hm… I don’t so much favor either, but I have gotten my hands on far more anime than manga, so, I’ll say anime. 🙂

If you could be a fictional character for a day, who would you be and why?

Hmmmm… I have no idea. (Which seems to be a recurring theme of late)

What’s your favourite time of year?

Image result for christmastime anime

Christmastime! 😀

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