Sunday’s Wisdom #283: Life Goes On

“Yet life went on. People still needed to work, to eat.”
– from Promise of Blood, by Brian McClellan

This little observation is made by Inspector Adamat as he sees his city and his nation caught in a massive upheaval, including a showdown between two magnificent military commanders and their respective followers. And yet, despite the chaos and conflict, the rest of the nation, indeed, the rest of the city directly surrounding the bloodshed, just keeps going on as per usual. There are changes, of course, but people adapt quite well as they go about their normal, daily lives.

The world can be coming apart, but until the ground directly beneath us cracks open, we humans tend to just keep going, don’t we? We get up, we work, we earn our way, we pay our bills, we make ends meet as best we can, and we go to bed. And then we do it all again. And again. And again. There’s a certain strength in that, isn’t there?

No matter how bad things get, or how bad they’ve been, we just keep going. We keep living. We keep doing the best we know how to do.

In these trying times, that gives me a bit of hope.

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1 Response to Sunday’s Wisdom #283: Life Goes On

  1. ospreyshire says:

    I sure hope that’s the case. I do wonder if the current situation is some kind of new normal even if it could be temporary.

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