Sunday’s Wisdom #301: Powerful Coincidences

“Coincidences sometimes happen… But when they happen around witches, they aren’t usually coincidences.”
– Sherwood Post, Storm Cursed
Mercy Thompson
series, by Patricia Briggs

I had a perfect quote last week. This week, I make do with a pointed quote.

When Sherwood says this, he is remarking on the connections between people and events which they have been discovering whilst dealing with the latest crisis on their plates. At first glance, there ought to be no such connections whatsoever, yet such keep coming to light as they dig past the surface to find that things are not entirely as they appear to be. He qualifies what he says with the possibility that these really are all coincidental, but in context, given the number and nature of them, what they are and who they surround, it becomes a much more remote possibility.

Coincidences do happen, but they tend not to be entirely coincidental when they happen within the halls of power.

I’ve heard it said that coincidence – genuine coincidence, that is – is God’s way of staying anonymous, and who has more power than Him?

Which is kind of funny (in a way that isn’t funny at all), as it adds another way for the powerful and corrupt to be playing God when they try to cover up their actions by making them look like accidents. Sometimes it’s murder that looks accidental or suicidal, but more often it’s an exchange of favors or money, like government funding or permissions or an evasion of legal consequences given to those who happen to make “contributions”(so much more polite to say than “bribes”) to the politician in question. Most often, though, its the coordinated efforts of people and interests which are seemingly unrelated, and yet align so perfectly towards the same end, because of the puppeteers behind the scenes, and the puppeteers behind those puppeteers, and so on.

My point is, we need to keep our eyes open.

That is something we must always do, and especially now, in these troubling times, when so much of our daily lives has been upset so rapidly, and so thoroughly. We need to question why and how things have happened, and are going to continue happening. We need to keep in mind who benefits, and how.

Skepticism never hurt one’s understanding when it came to politics.

Everything is always connected with everything else… but when it comes to politics and power, those connections become much more solid and direct, hidden only behind the veil of “coincidence.”

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1 Response to Sunday’s Wisdom #301: Powerful Coincidences

  1. ospreyshire says:

    Good points. Some things do seem to be connected. Following the money could be one reason when it comes to politics (I’m speaking about both major American parties). I do have skepticism and do question why this or that happens. Not only that, but most of the time when people say their actions are a coincidence, I seriously doubt it.

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