A Note for My Fellow WordPress Users

Most of my blogs are intended for… well, anyone and everyone in my wide, far-reaching, wonderful audience! 🙂

This one, however, is more of a quick note intended to assist anyone who uses WordPress and wants to create a post in the Classic Editor instead of in the Block Editor. (that’s at the end of the post, if you want to scroll down and skip right to the point)

One of my bigger pet peeves is anytime people take something that works and replace it with something that doesn’t. It keeps happening, though, so I’ve learned to just try and figure it out as I go.

I have figured out how to navigate through at least one such change, and I want to share it.

Anyone who has been using WordPress long enough knows (and probably loathes) that they recently made major changes in how we can create posts. They introduced the Block Editor (monstrosity) that I am fairly certain NO ONE actually likes, enjoys, or anything else positive. If WordPress reads this, I want them to know that we hate the Block Editor.

In the “Classic Editor” (ie, the one I am using right now because it works) we are able to do revolutionary things, including but not limited to saving our work, adding and visibly arranging pictures, and we don’t even need to “open settings” in order to see the categories and tags and publishing options and such, it’s just right there automatically.

It’s wonderful!

But, things are what they are, and idiots keep replacing things that work with things that don’t, so my approach is simply to figure out how to get things done anyway, despite the raging stupidity that currently runs rampant in the world.

Not that I have any strong feelings about this, of course! 😉

I know I am not alone in my frustrations. I recently saw one of my fellow bloggers post about possibly ending their blog because the Block Editor is so inconvenient. So, wanting to be helpful, I shared what I have figured out about posting using the Classic Editor. Another blogger – whose blog you totally should check out – liked it so much that they suggested I share the same in a post of my own, so it could be more widely shared. The idea of doing something to assist more of my fellow bloggers appeals to me, so, here we are!

I have no idea if this works for anyone else anymore. I don’t see why it wouldn’t, but, then again, I don’t see why WordPress sprung the Block Editor on us in the first place, so what do I know? 😉

Oh, right: I know how to create a post in the good old Classic Editor that we all know and love. On that note, and with some much-needed complaining about the situation now out of the way, I hope this is helpful to someone! 🙂

Go to your blog site.
Click “My Site”
Click “WP Admin”
Click “Posts”
Do NOT click “create new.” Click the arrow *next* to “create new” and it has the options “Block Editor” and “Classic Editor.”

And to edit a post, click the checkbox next to the post (or, as I’ve found on an iPad, press somewhere on the area around the post without touching the post title itself), and the option of “Classic Editor” will be among the things that pops up.

One must insist *every time* that, yes, this IS what one wants to do.

And that’s pretty much it. Have a good one, fellow bloggers and other WordPress users! Post away! (and share away!)

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9 Responses to A Note for My Fellow WordPress Users

  1. ospreyshire says:

    This is very good to know about the block editor settings. Thank you.

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  2. swanpride says:

    Yeah, I agree, the other was really awful to work with. I mean, supposedly it can things like adding lists aso, and that is a great option to have, but the design of the classic one was so much better. Not sure why they couldn’t build on that for the additional options.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Honestly I’m a complete computer noob and always have trouble with things when it comes to new stuff. But…I have learned to deal with it, and honestly it really isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. There are many very simple tutorials out there (either on youtube or the internet) that make it much simpler.
    Doesn’t mean that I like it though😅😅 The old editor was much more user friendly, and quite honestly it takes more time now to write a post😀
    But most important thing is: Why change something if it isn’t broken 😀 Great post, and I’m sure helpful to a lot of people😊

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  4. V Donovan says:

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing this whole time. Never even tried the Blocks. It’s a bit of a hassle to do like four extra clicks but it’s worth it for a smooth writing and editing experience.


  5. LitaKino says:

    Yes older editor all the way bitch oh my god I hate the block editor. I’ve got use to it now but I did use the classic as you have directed which works great also. I might do that for my next blog post it’s been ages since I used it

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  6. somebody says:

    I hate block editor. I’ve been trying all sorts of things to make my posts look the way I want them to with little success. I heard there was a way to use the classic editor, but I couldn’t figure out how. Thanks so much for the explanation.

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