Give Thanks

I try not to get preachy about my religion here on my blog. That’s partially because I don’t want to be overbearing about it, but also because, in all honesty, I have trouble seeing my blog, and myself, as a truly worthy messenger of what I hold to be divine truths. However, it is my hope to spread light, even if it’s just a little, into the world around me. As such, I try to be careful and balanced, but I see no harm in passing on invitations from the President of my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, along to you, my wonderful audience. Especially when such invitations, which one is under no obligation to accept, are geared towards just helping us to improve our lives, ourselves, and the world around us in some small way.

Thus, some months ago I shared an invitation for people of all faiths to pray for help with the COVID pandemic. Now, for a second time, I share the words of President Nelson.

The idea is for us to remember what we have, and to share it with each other on social media. It’s Day 2 of this (at time of publishing this post) and already I think we’re improving our lives and uplifting our spirits with this. It is just… well, words rather fail.

So, I am doing this, just getting online when I am feeling grateful for something (like, say, my dogs, for how they brighten my life, and the technology that lets me keep is touch with my family, and my family themselves, who are so good to me, and music, and so on and so forth). It only takes a moment, and I feel better about my life, and more connected to the people in my life, and maybe it will help someone feel better.

No pressure, of course, and no obligation. But I am passing on the invitation to you, my wonderful audience, to join us in remembering what we have, and to give thanks.

Have a wonderful evening!

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