The NEW Shortcut for Using Classic Editor in Creating Posts

Hello fellow WordPress bloggers!

So, a short while ago, I posted A Note For My Fellow WorPress Users. I gave a brief set of instructions to guide anyone who wanted to know in how to access the increasingly-elusive Classic Editor.

Then they changed things again. I suddenly found the setup changed again, such that I couldn’t get back to that wonderful Classic Editor without going through a pretty impressive routine of cyber-gymnastics that I discovered largely through accident and stubbornness.

Seriously, WordPress. You had something that worked quite well. Then you messed it up. STOP MESSING IT UP MORE.

As I went through this new rigamarole, however, I noticed something. The website address that I was being directed to first, in accessing WP Admin, was slightly different than the one I finally managed to end up at, where I could actually create my posts the way I freaking wanted.

The new site address goes like this:

The one I want goes like this:

A little experimentation and I have discovered that bookmarking the latter allows me quick and easy access to the Classic Editor! Yay!

Oh, and if you want to access your pages and such the same way, simply write “page” instead of “post” at the very end. I imagine that can work for a number of the other tools as well, but for now, I thought I’d just share this little shortcut.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It works!

Happy posting (with Classic Editor) everyone! 😀

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