My Anime Dungeons and Dragons Party

So, there’s this trend going round a couple Facebook groups I belong to. The idea is to assemble a dream crew as a Dungeons & Dragons party. Some people have used characters from books, some from movies, some even from real-life deceased celebrities. Wherever they draw from, they pick someone for each of the classes, which are, in alphabetical order: Artificer, Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard.

It was cute and all, but it wasn’t until I saw some rather impressive parties put together that I really began to feel the itch to make one of my own. Heck, I may make a small series of this, one for books, one for movies, one for superheroes, that sort of thing. But for now, I simply indulge myself in making a D&D party made up of characters from anime.

I did set myself a rule, to keep things interesting, to not use characters from My Anime Justice League or my Anivengers. Can’t just keep repeating myself, can I? 😉

And, of course, only one pick per franchise!

I had fun putting this together, and I hope you enjoy it! Indeed, I suppose I unofficially challenge all of you, my wonderful audience, to come up with your own parties, anime or otherwise, as you like! Let’s have some fun! 🙂

Artificer: Usopp
One Piece

The man might never have been a particularly good shipwright, despite his best efforts, but it must be said, he can take pretty much anything at hand and create a vast array of unusual, unpredictable, and powerful tools. Not only did he assemble his own bag of tricks, more than once, with whatever materials he came across, but he crafted almost every version of Nami’s weather-manipulating staff as well. Most impressive, I say! Who knows what mad tools he could come up with in D&D, eh?

Barbarian: Tora
Ushio and Tora

I mean how much more of an obvious barbarian can you get? He’s a savage, vicious, man-eating demon, though that last part does get sorted out in time. He’s powerful, full of rage, and not at all hesitant in resorting to brutal, lethal force. He’s a creature of appetites, of hunger for delicious food, and he finds that he loves a good burger. And though he is not exactly dumb, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed either. Yet, he has an unorthodox code of honor, and gives respect, albeit grudgingly, to those who undoubtedly earn it.

Bard: Isuzu
Log Horizon

I don’t really know that many bards in anime, let alone those who can legitimately use magic through their music. But, even if I did, I would probably pick Isuzu anyway. She’s so happy and innocent, so pure in her love of music. She might not be a “player” the way many bards are – and she’s too young, I’d say, for that anyway – but she’s still a formidable and respectable young lady, and definitely calls the shots in her relationship with her boyfriend (that got established early on, he does what she says).

Cleric: Neese
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight

I was tempted to go with Etoh of the same anime instead, but we see a bit more of Neese. We see her purity and innocence, and the strength of her faith in her goddess. It’s enough to heal the injured, protect her friends, drive away all sorts of evils, and even resist a dark goddess that had ostensibly already devoured her, body and soul. I would have no issues trusting her with my life.

Druid: Aura & Mare

Ok, I may have gotten a little desperate with my selection here. There aren’t many singular characters who fit the bill for a Druid, so it came down to this pair of dark elf twins. Aura is a physical fighter and tamer of mystical beasts, while Mare wields the magic of nature, such as the earth or plant life. The two of them together fit the bill, and they are both strong as well as frighteningly ruthless.

Fighter: InuYasha

This brash, prideful half-demon is strong and fiercely loyal, though he tends to keep his feelings behind a gruff, rude exterior. He can fight with his claws and even with his blood, but he most often uses his demonic sword, with which he can deliver truly mighty blows that cut down entire armies of enemies or break mystical barriers. He’s straight-forward and honest, but clever and determined in a fight, and devastating in battle.

Monk: Sakura Haruno
Naruto Shippuden

It was a close competition between Sakura and her teacher, Tsunade. She’s clever and has a number of ninja tricks and ninja weapons up her sleeve, but most often fights with her fists, her feet, and her monstrous, earth-shattering strength. And she’s a healer, too, with a great deal of medical knowledge gleaned from years of diligent study and learning. Exactly the sort of monk I’d want in my party!

Paladin: Makoto Misumi
Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Most of my selections are what they are because that is what they chose and they are fine with it. This one is not. He’s actually something of a reversal for this category. Where most paladins are faithful and on good terms with their gods, this young man and his goddess pretty much hate each other and would happily be without one another. Nonetheless, he gains a great deal of power through a deal he has with her, and through the blessing of the moon god who was offended by her unfair treatment of him, and he uses it to devastating effect in the defense of his life and his people. So, divine power and authority used to help others? He fits the bill, at least!

Ranger: Ryoma Takebayashi
By the Grace of the Gods

He might be young, but it would be a mistake to underestimate him. He survived three years in the wilds, facing beasts and bandits alike, with only his slimes for company. He does well in civilization, but, as a tamer and user of other magics as well, he is almost uniquely capable in nature as well. He has the necessary physical skills with knives, bows, and arrows, he’s skilled with making potions and other forms of alchemy, and he can move quietly enough to surprise wary guards without even trying. And that’s before he adds magical birds to his menagerie of familiars, through which he can see and hear undetected. He’d be magnificent as a ranger.

Rogue: Akame
Akame ga Kill

With godlike speed does she strike from the shadows, beautiful and alluring, a force of death with a mystical blade the likes of which can kill with even one cut. She’s an assassin of nearly unrivaled peer, fighting from the darkness and bearing the sins of many that the innocent might live and play free in the light.

Sorcerer: Misaka Mikoto
A Certain Scientific Railgun

A sorcerer in D&D is defined as having their magic rooted in some inherent gift, some influence of mystical powers on their bloodline, as opposed to something that is learned by study. To that, I believe an electrokinetic esper fits the bill quite well. And she’s both strong and cunning in its use, sometimes shooting lightning, sometimes making a sword out of iron dust, sometimes using a coin as a rail gun, and more. She’s pretty creative and has worked hard to master her inborn power, which shows in how competent she is with it.

Warlock: Ling Yao
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I know there must be a good number of them, but for the life of me I could not think of many anime characters who make direct bargains for power, not with fae, devils, or eldritch horrors. However, Ling Yao makes a bargain to take a Philosopher’s Stone into his being and become host for the homonculus known as Greed. He does this to save his life and also to obtain exactly what he has been after: the means to immortality. He intends to use it to become the next emperor of his nation, and he becomes quite the one-man army with the combination of his skills and wits with Greed’s cunning, regeneration, and ultimate shield, which makes his skin all but impenetrable. And heck! It even ties into how little magic warlocks are infamous for! 😉

Wizard: Merlin
Seven Deadly Sins

If the amount of power a wizard has is tied to how much knowledge they obtain, then Merlin is easily one of the most powerful ever. As well she should be, having gained an incredibly long lifespan in which to study, learn, and experiment. She’s got all sorts of tricks which she can conjure practically out of thin air, and the insights she has gained with her research make her truly formidable. This magic woman is dangerous, and it goes much better when that danger is directed at one’s enemy instead of oneself.

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