Flying Witch is So Peaceful

The first thing to say about Flying Witch is that there isn’t really that much to say about it.

Not much plot, no conflict, no grand themes, not much of anything, really. Except that it’s very, very peaceful, and happy. There was little to no excitement whatsoever, but it felt good. It’s wholesome, cute, and child-friendly, though I don’t know that kids would be entertained by a story where basically nothing happens. I recall, at that age, being very unimpressed with anything that didn’t have conflict, fighting, explosions, etc. Flying Witch has none of that.

The witch in question is Makoto Kowata, a high school girl who is also a witch in training. Witches live in quiet secrecy, passing their knowledge down the generations of their families, and as part of this, Makoto has to leave home and train. Her parents didn’t want to simply kick her out, however, so she goes to stay with some relatives in the countryside, in a small, peaceful town. As she learns and practices, the people around her are introduced to the wonders and peculiarities of the magical world.

Easily the most enthusiastic individual about this is Makoto’s cousin, Chinatsu Kuramoto, an absolutely adorable young girl. Initially wary of Makoto, Chinatsu completely idolizes her after learning she’s a witch and being taken for a flight on a broom. She loves it so much that she convinces Makoto’s sister, Akane – a fully-fledged and powerful witch known far and wide among their community – to take her on as an apprentice, even though they don’t know if she’ll ever be able to use magic herself. (apparently, the manga tosses Chinatsu a bone in the form of a magical ring, but that doesn’t come into play in the anime) She’s a girl introduced to magic and loves it right from the get-go! And who can blame her?

I included Flying Witch on a list I made of non-combative magic systems because this magic, unlike most others, is almost entirely about seeing the world through eyes of wonder. Flying whales, fish that swim through the ground, and casual, friendly interactions with otherworldly beings are just a part of life in a world with magic. And that’s before getting to the spells that witches cast, which tend to be harmless fun, even when things go a bit haywire.

So, if you want to just kick back and relax a bit, maybe find something to smile at, then Flying Witch will probably fit the bill.

Rating: 8 stars out of 10.

Grade: B-minus.

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