Sunday’s Wisdom #417: Understanding and Hope

“How to stay afloat in this world and all of its gravity
When every day the pull is grabbing me
And it’s easy thinking, ‘Nobody here’s understanding me’
Maybe I’m not alone
Maybe I’m not alone”
– from “Gravity,” by Irys

Music is the universal language, speaking to us on a level even deeper than emotions.

As I am writing this, the song I’m quoting has just barely been released, sung by a VTuber whose online nom de guerre is Irys, a herald of hope. From the first note to the last, it speaks to me of that hope which she wishes to spread. The song as a whole is about going through the heavy ordeals of this world, lacking energy, feeling like we’re in a bottomless abyss we can’t get out of, and feeling so alone… but we’re not. Right now, someone is feeling the same things we are, countless people knowing exactly the same frustrations that we are enduring. We are not alone.

Misery may love company, but so does joy. Hope is a light that grows ever stronger when we know that we have someone to share it with, as they share it with us in turn. Even for the most independent of souls, it’s comforting to be in good company, people we know understand us.

I say that as one who has often felt alone, in an abyss from which there is no escape. Not alone, at least. Oh, I am not a social butterfly by any means, and I would not survive if I could not retreat and recharge in solitude. But, oh, how thankful I have been when I have found that I was not really alone! Even at those times when I have not been in anyone’s immediate company, I have been able to feel close to others and happy when I have known that they understood me and truly cared for me. My friends have been my angels, lighting my darkness, giving me warmth even in the cold of my despair, and helping escape the inescapable abyss.

Simply being understood is such a powerful blessing, and I thank God for it!

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