My Favorite Anime From 2022

This might be considered a little late, as we’re already two weeks into 2023. Certainly, it comes well behind a number of similar posts I’ve seen from my fellow bloggers, most of which posted within a couple of days, or even before the year changed over. I suppose it just took a little time for me to get in the mood for this, and I like to consider things slowly and carefully. But posts like these, I think, are just fun, ya know? We all have our own experiences, our own likes and dislikes, and the fun of talking about it at all isn’t in perfect agreement, it’s in sharing it at all. 🙂

So, in belated farewell to last year, and welcoming anticipation of this one, I perused my notes and reviews to refresh my memory, and gathered up about half a dozen favorites of mine. These are the ones which, if I haven’t already reviewed them, you may expect that I will, and the marks I have given, or will give, are particularly high.

A quick shoutout to a pair of anime – The Witch From Mercury and The Eminence in Shadow – which began late last year, in the final season, but which are not remotely finished. The former has apparently ended its first season on a cliffhanger, and the latter still continues on, so I am going to delay commenting on either of them for now, but if they keep going as they have been, they may get very high marks.

And now, in no particular order, my favorite anime from 2022.

My Dress-Up Darling

A boy and girl who seem entirely different from each other come together and enter the world of cosplay. They become friends, with a distinct possibility for more, as they grow and have many good times together.

It might be, ah, decidedly not child-oriented, but it remains a surprisingly delightful story with lovable characters and a great couple, including one of the best waifus in all of anime. 😉

Raven of the Inner Palace

The Emperor calls upon the mysterious Raven Consort to aid him with her mystical powers. They become friends and more as they confront supernatural beings, face physical dangers, and solve mysteries, including those surrounding the Raven herself.

This is one of the best love stories I have yet seen, so far, and I look forward to a second season to complete the story! 🙂

Call of the Night

A boy loses his love of life, and so begins wandering the streets at night. He meets a woman, a vampire, who infuses his life with wonder again, and so he seeks to become a vampire as well. As it happens, this involves falling in love with her, and he has no idea how to do that.

It’s beautiful, wondrous, and somehow never becomes dull despite very little actually happening. There is more to come, I hope! 😀

Notorious Herbivore Dragon

An old dragon is mistaken for a villain and is dragged along on all sorts of hair-raising adventures by an orphan girl of surprising power.

I started laughing, and almost never stopped. Nuff said! 🙂

Ya Boy Kongming!

An ancient Chinese general dies and finds himself alive again in the modern world. What does he do? He become the tactician for a young, aspiring musician, of course!

This is just such a pure and beautiful story, and the music is catchy! 😉

Reincarnated as a Sword

A living sword partners with an orphaned girl. They go on adventures, seeking to grow stronger, and leave quite the impression in their wake.

It is impossible not to love these two. Gimme a second season! 😀

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