Sunday’s Wisdom #429: Be Bold

“You don’t have time to be timid. You must be bold! Daring!”
– Lumière, Beauty and the Beast

This seems like an appropriate quote to share as Valentine’s Day looms over us, coming up next week, eh?

Lumière says this to his master, the Beast, as the latter is being groomed and readied for a special dinner and a dance – in short, a date – with the beautiful young lady he has come to care for. The Beast is feeling a bit nervous, not sure he can do this, no doubt feeling the sorts of things that every man feels, in addition to, you know, the added stresses of having been turned into an inhuman creature who now has to try and court a woman. There are all sorts of “nervous” which are perfectly legitimate to feel under such circumstances, but Lumière is there to support him. He’s right, of course, and not only because the Beast is operating under the ticking clock of a curse, but also because, well, that’s how it is for anyone, isn’t it?

To reveal our hearts to other people, most especially in a confession of love, take guts. That is how it often is for the things that matter most, that they require everything of us, not least the use of our courage and our resolve.

But what is the option? If we are not brave enough or bold enough, then of course our lives will be dominated by our cowardice, every moment passing us by until we are eventually all out of moments. Death comes at any time and eternity awaits, and now is the time to build a love that outlasts both. For such a rich harvest as this, we must sow and toil and give our blood, sweat, and tears, and we must dare to make our feelings known and understood.

I will add, as I always try to, that there is a certain balance to strike here. There is a difference between being bold and being overbearing. We must pursue what we truly want most in life, but even in this we must restrain ourselves, lest we turn into crazy stalkers. We must harness our passions and focus our desires, not be ruled or consumed by them. There is no genuine love which disrespects the free will of those we love. They’re people, not possessions.

I would also add another note, specifically for the people who are on the receiving end, those who find themselves fronted with someone who seems bold and daring. I would emphasize that these virtues truly exist only in sincerity. The people who are forward to the point of recklessness, who talk so smoothly and whisper sweet nothings which boil over with seductive charm, these wear a facade of daring that they often do not truly possess. They may have gall aplenty, but if they are not risking something of themselves, then is it really courage? Is it really boldness and daring? I do not think so. And if they are not truly brave with their hearts, then you may fully expect them to leave yours to face all the worst storms of your life alone.

In short, we must be brave, and we must seek those who are brave.

Good luck! 😉

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