Sunday’s Wisdom #430: Love is All In

“Who cares about the reason why? You should risk it all for that special woman. And that is the destiny of a man.”
– Old Fisherman, Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Episode 46, “Return of the Dark Gundam”

As with most couplings in the Gundam franchise, the eventual but inevitable pairing of the male and female leads in G Gundam basically happens just because the story needs it to. But I do still enjoy how the entire, world-shaking conflict boils down to the man having to man up and commit to the woman he loves. The climax of that, of course, is when he finally tells her his true feelings in no uncertain terms, but that would not have happened if he had not first gotten over his hesitations and chosen to pursue her in the first place, no matter what he must overcome. That seems like an obvious choice, but, up to that point, he had not known what to do, and even thought that he’d already lost her forever. Having already given up, he needed a particular nudge from his friends to get moving and try again, properly this time. That’s when a wise old man told him these words, and they ring entirely true.

No one in this world is meant to be alone and unloved. We are meant to be part of the ongoing work of creation, to multiply and replenish the Earth in joy and love. That is a major part of our destiny, and it requires everything we can give for it.

It may be the hardest and most terrifying thing that we ever do, to put everything that is ours – our hearts, our lives, our possessions, everything – on the line and tell someone, “I love you.” But anything less is lacking.

I remember another quote from a kids show, one that showed brief depictions of various classic stories. A man spoke to a woman about how his friend liked her, and she took some offense that his friend did not speak to her directly. “If I am not worth the wooing,” she said, “how can I be worth the winning?” That has stayed with me ever since, as a reminder that a man or woman can talk about how much they care, but if they don’t follow through with their actions, then how much are their words and feelings really worth?

The three words, “I love you,” are among the most powerful of human expressions, but the question is, how much? Do we love someone enough to risk our hearts for them, to expose ourselves to the possibility of rejection? Do we love them enough to treat their needs as our own? Do we love them enough to check our temper and stifle our worst impulses, to listen to them and work through any disagreement? Do we love them enough to make a commitment, and hold to it, to never entertain the possibility of betraying them under any circumstances? Do we love them enough to be our very best selves, and enable them in the same?

Do we love them enough to do what it takes? Whatever that may be.

I share this, of course, in the light of one impending Valentine’s Day. Though I myself have not made much romantic progress in my life, I can’t help but at least offer what limited guidance and encouragement I have to offer. I do hope to be able to make the leap myself sometime, to find in myself a man worthy of a good woman, but until then I simply offer this singular bit of advice for those who remain uncertain in the affairs of their heart:

Figure out what you want and commit to it with everything you have.

If you love someone, you must hold nothing back. …one must be balanced, of course, in one’s approach, but it is the destiny of every one of us to put everything we have on the line for each other, for love.

All in.

On that note, good luck, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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