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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Three

WAHOOOOO!!! These last few days are just chock-full of MCU goodness, aren’t they? First the trailer for the next Avengers movie, then, hot on its heels (a good move for Marvel), they announce the Phase Three lineup of movies! (and … Continue reading

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The Seven Sins of Marvel’s Netflix Villains

You know when you get one of those thoughts? One of those little ideas that buzzes around the brain like a fly trapped behind your eyes, just itching to get out? This is one of those thoughts. As I was … Continue reading

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Marvelous Villainy: My Top Twelve Favorite MCU Villains (Except Loki)

Loki is the best villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We all know it, and we all love him for it. 😉 But what about everyone else? The MCU has often been criticized, even by me, for having some rather … Continue reading

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I Will Marvel at Cloak and Dagger

I was a little late to the first season of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, but I am catching the second season as it airs this time. I’ve decided to add it to my weekly lineup for commentary. It’s seasons may be … Continue reading

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Captain Awesome is Marvelous! …er, I mean…

Captain Marvel is awesome! I had a ticket, I swear, I had a ticket to see this movie on opening weekend, a month ago. Unfortunately, I fell under the weather at a worst possible moment, and I did not want to … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Most Punishing Work Yet

Someone, somewhere is saying, “I will create the single most brutal revenge story ever!” That dream will die horribly when they see Marvel’s latest Netflix series, The Punisher. I remember how Deadpool clearly advertised itself as being not for kids, … Continue reading

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TV Review: Marvel’s Inhumans. Or, Marvel’s First Waste of Time?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in April of 2008. Over the course of nearly a decade, it has produced seventeen feature films, five Netflix shows, five shorts, and two television series, with a number of other projects with impending releases … Continue reading

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TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of Shield

I have mentioned Agents of Shield many times before, and it remains one of my favorite shows. I had an introductory post, which I am now replacing with this, a proper review, and I follow it weekly on my This … Continue reading

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Spider-Man’s Marvelous Homecoming

I love the movies that leave you, at the end, just thinking, “That was awesome!” The movies that, as you are leaving the theater, just make you want to turn around and watch it again. Such a movie is Spider-Man: … Continue reading

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First Trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans

Am I the only one feeling a bit underwhelmed here? A friend of mine coined the saying, “In Marvel we trust.” This is because, whatever our respective skeptical misgivings have been, for whatever aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they … Continue reading

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