“But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me, then, in lieu of the more commonplace soubriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona.”
– V
V for Vendetta

Welcome, Everyone!

10157110_10203498700256471_3690561476523962966_nMy real name is Mike, but I prefer the pseudonym of Merlin when I’m online. It’s a long story that goes way back to middle school, involving the creation of my first email address at a time when I was fascinated by Arthurian legends. Over time, and use, I just became accustomed to it. Thus, obviously, the name of my blog, “Merlin’s Musings.”

But whatever name I’m answering to at any given moment, I’m always me: a red-headed imp who loves to write. I’m a geek who loves entertainment (books, movies, music, pictures, comics, games, etc.) and everything we can learn about life and ourselves from such. I love it so much that I have long been trying to write stories, mostly in the fantasy genre, for publication. No luck yet, but I’m also not dead yet, so I’ll keep trying. 😉

I’m also a high-functioning autistic, which means I can interact with normal people, but my brain processes the same information yours does in a different way, sometimes to reach a different conclusion. Combine that with being an introvert, and I am often a bit socially awkward, though I love making people laugh. I have wonderful friends, a loving family. Finally, I am a Christian, specifically a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

In regards to that last, let me assure you, I do not intend to preach at anyone. But these are all important things which inform my views on everything, including entertainment. They are part of myself, and my perspective.

Assuming I haven’t scared you off yet, let me now say, for a second time: welcome!

This here is my little den, where I comment on all the flavors of entertainment which strike my fancy. There are, or will be, sections for movies, live action TV shows, cartoons, anime, games, books, music, etc. Some will be new, some will be a little older, some may be classics… basically, I hope to include anything I like here.

Most of what I comment on will be things I like. However, there will also be things I do not like. I will try my best to be fair, but these are my personal opinions, and I will be honest about them.

FYI, there will be major spoilers every so often. I feel less bad about this when whatever I’m commenting on has been out awhile (there is a shocking reveal at the end of the original Planet of the Apes! gasp!), but either way, I shall try to give you a Spoiler Alert first. 😉

I hope to post roughly every other day (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) but life happens, so that’s not set in stone.

Current categories are as follows:

“What’s New,” which is fairly self-explanatory.

“Masters of Storytelling,” commenting on the works and styles of the masters, mostly in novels, but also in cinema and even comics.

“Tuesday Review,” where, as the name suggests, I post reviews for anime, books, cartoons, games, movies, and television shows every Tuesday. I chose Tuesday because when a new movie comes out in theaters, I might actually manage to catch it by then.

“Challenge Accepted,” where I have accepted some sort of blogging challenge. Some of them, I notice, are titled “30-Day such-and-such Challenge” so this might be more a 30-Week challenge for me. 😉

“Top Pick,” involving blogging about a Favorite something, be it a movie, or genre of movie, or an anime, etc. Sometimes involving Countdowns of my top ten or dozen or so favorites. 🙂

“This Week on TV.” As in-depth blogs about every show I watch every week would get just a bit time-consuming, I have come up with the brilliant idea of compiling them into a series of shorter blurbs. That said, I intend to only blurb about those I have already done some sort of “introduction blog” for (a Tuesday Review sort of thing), giving my basic impressions of it first.

“Sunday’s Wisdom,” including a quote (from a book, movie, or TV show) and a blurb about my thoughts.”

Muse-ings,” talking about the music I listen to and my impressions of it.

“Discussion,” is also fairly self-explanatory.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and I hope we can enjoy some good conversations!

Take care!