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Sunday’s Wisdom #238: Tools

“Whether you use it to draw something beautiful, or use it poke someone’s eye out, it’s still just a pen.” – Charles Xavier, Dark Phoenix I think this might actually be my favorite moment of seeing Professor X as an … Continue reading

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A Transformers Fan-Theory: The Scheme of the Matrix

As part of helping to raise my nephew, I recently had the chance to re-watch the Transformers-based cartoon Beast Wars and its sequel, Beast Machines. Somewhere between the running commentary about how bad the CGI looked to his young eyes, … Continue reading

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5 Anime Voice Actresses

Much like last week, I must admit that while I have admired capable voice acting for quite some time, I generally know very little about individual voice actresses. So, once again, I am drawing heavily on other people’s work on … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Sun! …Again!

It has been… good grief, almost four years since my last encounter with the Sunshine Blogger Award. It is mind-boggling to even realize that I’ve actually been doing this blog for that long. (I say in the midst of my … Continue reading

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Godzilla: King of the MonsterVerse

OK, it’s not a perfect movie. But it is a pretty dang epic movie, and a proper launching of the MonsterVerse, the cinematic universe which features Godzilla, King Kong, and such. I enjoyed the Godzilla movie of 2014, but, let’s … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Ah My Goddess!

Let it be noted, now and forever, that I do not need thrilling action and massive explosions in all of my entertainment, as proven here. 😉 Ah My Goddess, which should really be “Oh My Goddess,” is a dramatic comedy with a … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #237: The Hope of Forgiving

“Sometimes the only way to heal our wounds is to forgive the demons who caused them.” – Dr. Ishirō Serizawa, Godzilla: King of the Monsters He’s obviously not referring to literal, physical wounds, of course. Those heal, or they don’t, … Continue reading

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This Week on TV, June 1, 2019

Spoiler Alert! And it’s the last week of the Marvel one-two punch for awhile. Cloak and Dagger had an excellent season finale, wherein they, and those closest to them, faced the darkness, and their own issues. And things are heating … Continue reading

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Thank You

Hello, my wonderful audience! I just want to say: Thank you. Thank you, so much, for reading what I write, for liking it, for commenting… and especially for being so pleasant. I have come to realize recently just how blessed … Continue reading

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5 Anime Voice Actors

Well, we’ve finally finished talking about the characters in anime… now we talk about the people behind them: the voice actors! I must say, I admire good voice acting. The way they can say words in such a way that they aren’t just … Continue reading

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