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The Moral Question of Narvik

Once again, my Norwegian mother got me to watch a Norwegian film on Netflix. This one, if I understand correctly, is a historical film, telling a very real story in connection with the Battles of Narvik during World War II, … Continue reading

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A Suggestion for Nintendo

Nintendo is arguably the single foremost producer of video games in the world, being both one of the earliest pioneers of the medium and one of the most aggressive in furthering the technology of such. They have reaped the rewards … Continue reading

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Things I Have Given Thanks For

I shared an invitation on here to Give Thanks. Now, I’d like to just share with you, my wonderful audience, the things that I gave thanks for on Facebook over the course of a week (though my final entry was … Continue reading

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A Note for My Fellow WordPress Users

Most of my blogs are intended for… well, anyone and everyone in my wide, far-reaching, wonderful audience! 🙂 This one, however, is more of a quick note intended to assist anyone who uses WordPress and wants to create a post … Continue reading

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Rewriting Cats: A Few Notes

There are not many times I’ve ever said this. Though I criticize books, movies, shows, and so on, and I can be a bit harsh in said criticism, I have no illusions about my own paltry capabilities. Thus, I have … Continue reading

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Concerning Captioning

I have a sister who is deaf. She is one of the smartest and most capable people I will ever meet. Though our interests diverge quite a bit (she likes sports, I like stories) we have enjoyed many a movie … Continue reading

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Marvelous Villainy: My Top Twelve Favorite MCU Villains (Except Loki)

Loki is the best villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We all know it, and we all love him for it. 😉 But what about everyone else? The MCU has often been criticized, even by me, for having some rather … Continue reading

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The Power(ing) of Isekai Protagonists

A humble, average person gets whisked away from our normal world and into a more fantastic one. Here, in this other world filled with strange and wondrous and dangerous things, the humble native of our world is no average person, … Continue reading

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After Game of Thrones: Ideas for HBO

It is no secret that HBO’s Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, is coming to its final conclusion this year. While the last novel or two is taking its sweet time … Continue reading

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2019: A Look Ahead

Happy New Year! 😀 Hello, my wonderful audience! I hope you’ve all been doing well in 2018 and will continue to do so in 2019. Personally, I am doing great. 🙂 In the spirit of organizing my thoughts into something … Continue reading

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