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Twice Into the Woods: A Rambling Comparison of the Movie and the Play

I commented once before on the value of different versions of the same thing. I have to confess, when I found myself given, for Christmas, two versions of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods on DVD, one for the movie and … Continue reading

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Hilarious Trailers for Heroes of the Storm

I believe I mentioned just the other day that I’m not a fan of Blizzard Entertainment. Or, rather, I’m not a fan of their games these days. But the cinematic cut-scenes? The trailers? Those, I enjoy immensely! So, the crew … Continue reading

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Groot is Awesome! 5 Images for 5 Reasons

Like most people who’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, I love Groot! So now I have the DVD, I can finally show five images, captured and cobbled together, to explain why we all love him. Here’s my top five reasons: … Continue reading

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