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“Penny for your thoughts?”

State of the Cineverse, 2019

It’s been about two years since I last commented on cinematic universes. For all of those two years, there was always something happening, something still in progress. Now, we stand at a moment where there have been multiple endings, several … Continue reading

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A Transformers Fan-Theory: The Scheme of the Matrix

As part of helping to raise my nephew, I recently had the chance to re-watch the Transformers-based cartoon Beast Wars and its sequel, Beast Machines. Somewhere between the running commentary about how bad the CGI looked to his young eyes, … Continue reading

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The Power(ing) of Isekai Protagonists

A humble, average person gets whisked away from our normal world and into a more fantastic one. Here, in this other world filled with strange and wondrous and dangerous things, the humble native of our world is no average person, … Continue reading

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Gundanium Messages for Peace

Having just recently reviewed Gundam Wing, I was reminded of something I noticed a number of years ago. It came partially out of a lively discussion I had with an acquaintance of mine. Skipping all the details, we disagreed on how … Continue reading

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Concerning the “Live-Action” Disney Remakes

I remember a time when there had been no live-action remakes of classic Disney movies. Yes, that’s how old I am. 😉 Heh, it actually wasn’t so long ago, really. Even now, there have only been, what, half a dozen … Continue reading

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After Game of Thrones: Ideas for HBO

It is no secret that HBO’s Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, is coming to its final conclusion this year. While the last novel or two is taking its sweet time … Continue reading

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Some Games That Could Be Anime-ted

Yes, I admit upfront: this post is absolutely, and obviously, inspired by the Make it Anime tag I participated in. I chose a book series, a movie franchise, and a television show that I thought could feasibly be converted into … Continue reading

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2019: A Look Ahead

Happy New Year! 😀 Hello, my wonderful audience! I hope you’ve all been doing well in 2018 and will continue to do so in 2019. Personally, I am doing great. 🙂 In the spirit of organizing my thoughts into something … Continue reading

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That Time I Realized Slimes Can Be Protagonists

The latest anime season started up a few weeks ago, unleashing a bunch of new titles. I haven’t screened all of them just yet, per my one-episode rule, but I’ve made some headway and, by and large, I have not … Continue reading

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Why I Still Love Anime: A Handful of Reasons

I love anime. I have loved it since I was a kid, at least since I was a teenager. Two decades later, my love for it is still going strong. 😉 One might ask, “Why?” I know my family has … Continue reading

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