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The Significance of Identity in Brandon Sanderson’s Novellas

I’ve mentioned Brandon Sanderson before. I consider him one of the storytelling Masters of our era. However, I’ve mostly read only his longer works, like Mistborn, Elantris, Warbreaker, and, most especially, his Stormlight Archive novels. It was only recently that … Continue reading

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Twice Into the Woods: A Rambling Comparison of the Movie and the Play

I commented once before on the value of different versions of the same thing. I have to confess, when I found myself given, for Christmas, two versions of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods on DVD, one for the movie and … Continue reading

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Why “The Sing-Off” Failed

Let me be clear about this: I liked NBC’s The Sing-Off. Or, rather, I very much enjoyed the music, the performances, the various groups and their stories, and I bought the soundtracks. What I say here is not an attack … Continue reading

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MCU Copycatting #6: Too Much of a Good Thing?

I swear, this will be the last full post I devote to my “MCU Copycatting” series for awhile… unless, of course, I stumble onto something that must be added to said series. 😉 And technically, this one’s not even about … Continue reading

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Hilarious Trailers for Heroes of the Storm

I believe I mentioned just the other day that I’m not a fan of Blizzard Entertainment. Or, rather, I’m not a fan of their games these days. But the cinematic cut-scenes? The trailers? Those, I enjoy immensely! So, the crew … Continue reading

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Awesomeness: Star-Lord and Captain America

Short post today, but this is just too good not to give my two cents. What’s better than awesome, inspiring examples of humanity in entertainment? When it happens in real life, of course! (this would be the point of it … Continue reading

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Five Music Videos Worth Your Time

Hey All! Nothing really eloquent today. Just thought I’d share a few (re: five) music videos from YouTube I particularly enjoy. Hope you do too! First off, we have the latest Lindsey Stirling! It took me a moment to remember … Continue reading

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Groot is Awesome! 5 Images for 5 Reasons

Like most people who’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, I love Groot! So now I have the DVD, I can finally show five images, captured and cobbled together, to explain why we all love him. Here’s my top five reasons: … Continue reading

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