Index of Wisdom

As I have amassed a slightly impressive library of quotes which I elaborate on, I thought it might be more convenient for you, my visitors, my guests, my audience, if I were to provide a handy list to make navigating them a little quicker and easier. I hope it serves you well! đŸ™‚

1: All You Have to Decide
2: Cost of Revenge
3: One Little Thing
4: Love Yourself
5: Not a Failure
6: The Grinch’s Realization
7: What’s Important
8: Wasted Time
9: Because You Never Tried
10: Not All Victories Are Huge
11: Allow Others to Help You
12: You Make Your Own Future
13: You Choose Who You Become
14: Do Something About It
15: What Love Is
16: What Keeps the Darkness at Bay
17: The Things Worth Believing In
17 Bonus: Who I Am
18: Choice and Control
19: There’s Still That Bad Thing
20: Chart Your Own Course
21: Bring Pride to the Job
22: Protecting Civilization
23: We Are Born Free
24: If I Die, Then I Die
25: Becoming the Enemy
26: Find a Way Forward
27: Not to Men Like Him
28: A Mother’s Love
29: Who Feels the Pinch
30: The Promise of a Soldier
31: Another Man’s Evil…
32: Revenge is No Excuse
33: A Child’s Love is Freely Given
34: What Fathers Do
35: The Price of Freedom
36: It’s Not Over
37: Giants Still Walk
38: Holding On to Something
39: Why We Will Fight
40: Carrying Not Your Burden, But You
41: Never Let Fear Stop Your Life
42: For Something You Believe In
43: The World Owes You Nothing
44: A Balanced Pursuit of Happiness
45: Real Bravery
46: How Liberty Dies
47: If You Don’t, Who Will?
48: Courage and Kindness
49: Don’t Waste Time
50: A Matter of Trust
51: Heroism is a Choice
52: Always Have the Better Arsenal
53: Break the Cycle of Cruelty
54: Regret is the Higher Price
55: “Life” is Looking Forward
56: What We Stay Alive For
57: We Can’t Avoid Pain
58: Healing Takes Time
59: God Bless Christmas
60: Keep Christmas With You
61: We Can Build Worlds
62: Vanity is in Vain
63: Faith is a Constant
64: Those Without Swords…
65: The Power of United Diversity
66: Love Allows for Choice
67: Loving Each Other is What Matters
68: We Are Loved, No Matter Our Mistakes
69: “To,” Not “Because”
70: One Problem at a Time
71: Never Demand Conformity
72: The Power of Words
73: The Cost of Compromise
74: The Power of Precision
75: Responsibility and Hope
76: On Silver Platters
77: A Scrap of Nowhere
78: The Human Need for Reason
79: We Love Our Mamas
80: Faith or Fear?
81: We Are More Than Our Appearance
82: We Are What We Do
83: Believe
84: You Matter
85: Fathers and Sons
86: Live Free
87: Success Follows Failure
88: Bigger on the Inside
89: Concerning Power and Surrender
90: Honor and Integrity
91: The Rationale of the Guilty
92: Life is Made of Moments
93: Concerning Need
94: Our Worth
95: Difficulty is No Excuse
96: We Get What We Give
97: Failure is Not the End
98: We Have Much to Learn
99: Consequence
100: There Are No Shortcuts
101: Alone or Together
102: Seeing Their Worth
103: On Personal Retribution
104: Change the World
105: Good and Strong
106: A Cage is a Cage
107: I Am Thankful
108: Together
109: The Best Gift of Christmas
11o: More Than Money
111: The Spirit of Christmas
Bonus: Merry Christmas!
112: The Open Door
113: Time is Precious
114: United, We Stand
115: Life is Hope
116: Concerning Mistakes
117: Romantic Foundations
118: The Virtue of Disagreements
119: The Beauty of Humanity
120: Burned by Our Own Fire
121: More Than One Choice
122: Concerning Change
123: Forgiveness & Family
124: Potential Value
125: The Tragedy of a Mask
126: The Price of Refusing a Mask
127: Heroism Born of Regret
128: “Do I Have the Right?”
129: Words Hurt, Too
130: Family Matters
131: Keep Going
132: Having Nothing to Spare
133: There’s More to You
134: You Choose Who You Are
135: A Father’s Job
136: Virtue in Extremis
137: Government and the Common Man
138: The True Man Beneath
139: Try Something That Hasn’t Failed Yet
140: Small Problems
141: Do Not Dream in Vain
142: Loyalty
143: Our Heroes Are Like Us
144: Monsters Fight Monsters Too
145: We Choose Our Own Story
146: Concerning Coercion
147: Hope Can Find Us
148: Beware the Price
149: Gentle Strength
150: Family Strength
151: Don’t Be Too Proud
152: Judgment Breeds Monstrosity
153: Not “Anything”
154: Brighter Side of Death
155: It’s What You Do, Not What You Are
156: Their Mistake, and Our Choice
157: My Friends
158: Ordinary Life is Not Dull
159: Humans Need Fantasy
160: Open Eyes
161: “Almost”
162: Christmas Hope
163: Stand Up, and Do Better
164: Important People
165: To Know, To Love, To Help
166: Life Shows Us That We’ll Live
167: The Falconer’s Lesson
168: On the Need for Justice
169: Greater Challenge, Greater Reward
170: Friendly Disagreement
171: All We Can Do
172: Practice Makes Powerful
173: Honorable Honesty
174: A Peace Pipe and a Tomahawk
175: Expect Victory
176: Becoming Brave
177: Fear Kills Joy
178: Overcoming Terror
179: Life’s Not Fair
180: Is Belief Blind?
181: The Girl Warrior
182: For Our Mothers
183: Strong Women
184: They Took an Oath
185: Selfish Sanity
186: Proverbs of Ice and Fire
187: A Father, in His Son’s Eyes
188: For Free?
Bonus: Three Days Pt. 1: Be Yourself
Bonus: Three Days Pt. 2: Is What it Is
Bonus: Three Days Pt. 3: Still Has Value
189: The Greatest Treasure
190: You Are What You Are
191: The Meaning of Crew
192: “Our” Witch
193: Respectful Liking
194: A Cage is a Cage
195: Other People’s Stuff
196: On the Limits of Justice
197: Hard Work
198: Teaching Manhood
199: Becoming a Man
200: The Equality of Death
201: Meeting Fate