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My Anime Dungeons and Dragons Party

So, there’s this trend going round a couple Facebook groups I belong to. The idea is to assemble a dream crew as a Dungeons & Dragons party. Some people have used characters from books, some from movies, some even from … Continue reading

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5 Adolescent/Child Anime Characters

I had a problem of scarcity last week. Now, I have a problem of overabundance. There are so many kids in anime! Teenagers and their younger sidekicks rule the anime universe through sheer weight of numbers! Not to mention supernatural powers! … Continue reading

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Anime Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun

It’s been quite awhile since I last watched A Certain Magical Index, but I recall handful of things from the experience. Wondering when Index would actually be useful, for instance. Or thinking that they were just trying to do too … Continue reading

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Top Anime Picks pt. 2: The Top Contenders

To continue from my last post, wherein I promised honorable mentions for the anime which I would qualify as being among my favorites, but not having a particular rank, these are the top-tier competitors for a slot. Behold! The dozen … Continue reading

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