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Sunday’s Wisdom #158: Ordinary Life is Not Dull

“This is my life now, and it just turned you white as a sheet, so don’t you call it dull again. Ever. OK?” – Amelia Pond, Doctor Who Season 5, Episode 7, “Amy’s Choice” One of my favorite moments from … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Challenge Day 4: Saddest Scene

It makes us laugh, and it makes us cry… a lot. There really are a lot of sad scenes in Doctor Who. It seems like everything fun or happy is framed by something terrible and tragic. There are countless deaths, … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #10: Not All Victories Are Huge

“You know, Howie had been in speech therapy. He’d just got over this massive stammer. What an achievement. I mean, can you imagine? I’d forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe.” -Rory Williams Doctor Who Series 6, Episode … Continue reading

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