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Movie Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

I went into Ant-Man and the Wasp with the expectation that Marvel would take a more lighthearted, comical turn to balance out the ground-shaking events of Infinity War, with exception to the post-credits scene which would be ominous and terrible … Continue reading

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Marvel: My Personal Ranking of All 12 MCU Films To Date

We now have twelve films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Phase Three is promising us at least another ten (with hopefully much more to come!), so now, in the pause between Phases, is as good a time as any … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Ant-Man

I believe I established this already: going to see Ant-Man in theaters this weekend is/was the ultimate proof of the faith and trust I place in Marvel. I am happy to report, my faith has been rewarded! All of my … Continue reading

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My Anti-Ant-Man Rant

This is one of those posts I need to begin with an explanation. As has been very well established by now, I am very much a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What I’m going to say here could be … Continue reading

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Three

WAHOOOOO!!! These last few days are just chock-full of MCU goodness, aren’t they? First the trailer for the next Avengers movie, then, hot on its heels (a good move for Marvel), they announce the Phase Three lineup of movies! (and … Continue reading

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