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Why Not Pay for Premier Access on Disney Plus

Disney Plus: the new online streaming platform for many (not all) of the titles which this multinational multi-billion dollar company owns, including those produced by the other studios it owns, like Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and now Fox. It has something … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Action Movies Are Better Than Chick Flicks

There is an eternal war raging in almost every household. It is the great contest of which movie two or more people will agree to watch together. One side favors action, adventure, fighting, and explosions, and the other wants romance, … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #258: Try Again

“You try, you fail. You try, you fail. But the only true failure is when you stop trying. …Try again.” – Madame Leota, The Haunted Mansion Everybody knows what it is to fail. Almost everyone learns, sooner or later, what … Continue reading

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What I Want From Sony, and What I Want From Disney

Sony, Sony, Sony. …and Disney, Disney, Disney. There is a fair bit of disappointment, in both of these big companies, going around right now. I’m certainly feeling it. Eventually, I paused and asked myself why. Disappointment is what happens when … Continue reading

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Ralph Wrecks the Internet, but Not the Movie

I was asked what movie I had enjoyed most in 2018. I thought for a moment, and the answer came clear. I hadn’t seen Aquaman yet; I had seen little besides the MCU movies, really, and those compete with each … Continue reading

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Mary Poppins Returns… and…?

Mary Poppins Returns is best enjoyed, I think, right on the heels of Mary Poppins, the better for the magic of the latter to make up for the flaws of the former, and for the sequel to enhance the importance … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #202: A Place to Belong

“I would go most anywhere to feel like I belong.” – Hercules, from “Go the Distance,” Hercules Who doesn’t love Disney? 🙂 Their version of the story of what may arguably be the single most famous of mythical heroes is … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #189: The Greatest Treasure

“To be my own master… such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world.” – The Genie, Aladdin The Genie, portrayed by Robin Williams, is easily one of the most beloved … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #148: Beware the Price

“You wanted to be a genie? You got it, and everything that goes with it: phenomenal cosmic powers, itty-bitty living space.” – Aladdin, Aladdin Who doesn’t love Disney, eh? 😉 I think most of us can remember this scene, right … Continue reading

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Disney: My Top 12 Animated Movies

I have been meaning to complete this post practically since I first began this blog. I mean, who doesn’t love Disney? I certainly do! So many wonderful childhood memories, the heroes, the villains, the music, the laughter, the tears, all … Continue reading

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