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Flying Witch is So Peaceful

The first thing to say about Flying Witch is that there isn’t really that much to say about it. Not much plot, no conflict, no grand themes, not much of anything, really. Except that it’s very, very peaceful, and happy. … Continue reading

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Some Non-Combative Magic Systems in Anime

War is the natural state of Man. That was observed by Thomas Hobbes, and he was referring to how the absence of government leaves every man in the world fighting a war against every other man in the world. Conflict … Continue reading

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Anime of Spring 2016: Parting Thoughts

So, I had some pretty high hopes for a number of this season’s crop of anime. Some of those hopes have been dashed. A few have been justified. And some just fell onto the back burner. And you thought there … Continue reading

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Anime First Impressions of Spring 2016

So, right on the heels of last season’s most disappointing lineup, and my miniature epiphany that I can afford to be a bit more discriminating in my tastes, comes a much more promising lineup this season. There are no less … Continue reading

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