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Anivengers Assemble!

Heh, just imagine this crew showing up together in Endgame! Awhile ago, I made a post about My Anime Justice League. The idea for assembling My Anime Avengers has been percolating ever since, but the timing never seemed quite right with the … Continue reading

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5 Anime Enemies/Rivalries

We grow stronger through oppositon. We advance through competition. And if we are judged by the company we keep, then we are also defined by the differences, and similarities, between us and our greatest foes. In short, every hero needs … Continue reading

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Gundanium Messages for Peace

Having just recently reviewed Gundam Wing, I was reminded of something I noticed a number of years ago. It came partially out of a lively discussion I had with an acquaintance of mine. Skipping all the details, we disagreed on how … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Gundam Wing

You want to talk nostalgia? This was one of the first anime (especially with mecha) I ever watched, and my introduction to the Gundam franchise. It stands as my favorite Gundam series, and, though I know favoritism will always be … Continue reading

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