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5 Adult Anime Characters

Hmmm. I know this isn’t a countdown of favorites or anything, but, still, when one is challenged to pick anything, one wants one’s choices to be good, ya know? Picking five adult characters from anime might sound so easy that I could … Continue reading

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Anime Review: .hack//Sign

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather ’round and listen well to the story I shall tell! Once upon a time, not so long ago… the internet did not exist! No, seriously, it just wasn’t there. It hadn’t developed. I … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #149: Gentle Strength

“I am gentle, but not a pushover.” – Bear, .hack//Sign Episode 1, “Role Play” I really like this quote. There’s not much context surrounding it, but we do see, throughout the series, that Bear is a fairly gentle, nurturing soul. … Continue reading

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