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Sunday’s Wisdom #242: Real Safety

“How many of us will you kill in order to ‘keep us safe?’” – random old lady, Justice League Unlimited Season 2, Episode 7, “Patriot Act” This is one of my favorite moments in animated history. The story is, there … Continue reading

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Justice League, Assemble!

So, DC’s latest addition to their superhero cinematic universe premiered this past weekend, and it’s had something of a mixed reception. From what I’ve been hearing the reading, people are either loving it or hating it. I’m somewhere in the … Continue reading

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MCU Copycatting #8: The Race Evolves

It’s been over a year, now, since I last commented on the MCU Copycatting phenomenon. Originally, I thought I would just be chronicling an update on the “superhero cineverse” race, but then it suddenly hit me: the race hasn’t just … Continue reading

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MCU Copycatting #1: DC and Warner Bros

Hmmm, running out of holiday-themed ideas… I know! I’ll just ramble about something I like, and call it good! Like I always do! 😉 Seriously, I’m hoping you enjoy reading this blog at least half as much as I enjoy … Continue reading

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