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5 Drama Anime

Too much drama in your life? Then the obvious solution is more drama, experienced vicariously! Act now, and you can get your dramatic fix for the low-low price of a few hours’ worth of your time! 😛 In all seriousness, drama is … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Kids on the Slope

I know, at least peripherally, that Jazz has had something of bad reputation, somewhat well-earned. It held a long presence in seedy nightclubs and other unsavory, shadowy corners. Yet, much the same can be said of many forms of entertainment. … Continue reading

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Top Anime Picks pt. 2: The Top Contenders

To continue from my last post, wherein I promised honorable mentions for the anime which I would qualify as being among my favorites, but not having a particular rank, these are the top-tier competitors for a slot. Behold! The dozen … Continue reading

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