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Anivengers Assemble!

Heh, just imagine this crew showing up together in Endgame! Awhile ago, I made a post about My Anime Justice League. The idea for assembling My Anime Avengers has been percolating ever since, but the timing never seemed quite right with the … Continue reading

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5 Anime Clubs, Teams, or Other Organizations

Where last week focused on less-formal groups of friends, this week, we have a bit more “official” organization at work. As in, there is someone in charge, everyone is obligated, as well as expected, to do their part, and there … Continue reading

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All Aboard! Additions to My Pirate Crew!

Yohohoho! Ain’t this a popular one! This tag is making the rounds fast, and it’s coming back around again already! I swear, I’m seeing my fellow anime bloggers getting tagged second and third times all over the place! I guess … Continue reading

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Megane Day

It’s Megane Day. “Megane” meaning “glasses,” as in spectacles and such, for those who are unfamiliar with it. You can go to Mel for the details. Enjoy! 😉 I have only one question: why has no one mentioned Shiroe from … Continue reading

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My Anime Harem

This is a very new tag idea, and it’s been making the rounds quickly. Small wonder why. I mean, the e̶x̶c̶u̶s̶e̶ chance to not only talk about all those hot anime girls (and boys) we have crushes on, but to … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Log Horizon

Log Horizon is one of my favorite anime, as I mentioned way back in “Top Contenders.” This was the third major anime I watched that involved a game becoming real, or, rather, players being trapped in the game they were … Continue reading

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Top Anime Picks pt. 2: The Top Contenders

To continue from my last post, wherein I promised honorable mentions for the anime which I would qualify as being among my favorites, but not having a particular rank, these are the top-tier competitors for a slot. Behold! The dozen … Continue reading

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