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I Used to Enjoy Monster Rancher

This was one of the first anime I ever watched, back when I was barely even learning what “anime” was. I’ve had recent cause to look back at those days, and those first anime that came to me mixed with … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #420: Love Thy Enemy

“The worthy opponent must be honored and valued with the same regard one has for a friend.” – Centaur, Monster Rancher Season 1, Episode 25, “Warriors of the Ruins” Come December, come all manner of thoughts surrounding Christmas. Of late, I’ve … Continue reading

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Vegeta: Redeeming a Villain. Or, How to Make Everyone Forget He Slaughtered Planets for Fun

Vegeta. A proud Saiyan prince. One of the greatest and most powerful warriors in all the universes. Antihero. Bad boy. Tough guy. Redeemed villain. If there is one thing that people like more than a hero, and even more than … Continue reading

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The Most Important Question for an Isekai

“There is nothing more elusive than an obvious fact,” said Sherlock Holmes. And how true is it? So many times there are so many things, so many connections and ideas and truths, which are so obvious, and yet we miss … Continue reading

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The Power(ing) of Isekai Protagonists

A humble, average person gets whisked away from our normal world and into a more fantastic one. Here, in this other world filled with strange and wondrous and dangerous things, the humble native of our world is no average person, … Continue reading

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5 Non-Human Anime Characters

First it was scarcity, then it was overabundance, and now it’s… nuance. I mean, there is certainly no shortage of characters in anime who are “not human.” But if we want some diversity, then how rigid are the lines of … Continue reading

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