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The Stranger Things Book Tag

So, this tag is really old. I was tagged many moons ago, but the obligations of life really took a toll last year. My apologies for the great delay. Better late than never, eh? I, like both Moya and The … Continue reading

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Let Them Be Anime-ted: The Make it Anime Tag

Anime, as I’ve said many times, is just another medium. It’s another method of storytelling, nothing more or less. And perhaps it is perfectly natural, when we encounter a story in one medium, to imagine how it might be told … Continue reading

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Masters of Storytelling: Lloyd Alexander

One of the earliest books I remember reading is The Black Cauldron, by Lloyd Alexander. I know I’d read other novels, quite a few, actually, but I’ve forgotten most of them in the long-gone years of my childhood. Black Cauldron, … Continue reading

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