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Sunday’s Wisdom #231: Maintenance is Required

“‘Needs no maintenance’ is a lie.’” – Petey, Schlock Mercenary Book 19: A Function of Firepower – Part IV, by Howard Taylor (Apr. 17, 2019) What Petey, the nigh-godlike AI, is referring to is a system in a space station. He … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #22: Protecting Civilization

“Civilization needs people who can protect it, and then go back to being part of it. Otherwise, it stops being civilization.” -Mako Schlock Mercenary These words, from yesterday’s Schlock Mercenary strip, are among the last words, indeed the posthumous words, … Continue reading

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Masters of Storytelling: Howard Taylor

In this second installment of my Masters of Storytelling series, I am deviating straight away from books, and moving to comics. Not what most people think of when they think of masterful storytelling, but a comic is the combining of … Continue reading

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