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RIP, Stan Lee

A man who came from little and did much. A man who served when his country needed him to. A humble, hard-working man, easy to like and worth admiring. A man who revolutionized superheroes and told good stories, and stands … Continue reading

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If you could choose 3 mutations from X-Men for your everyday life, what would they be?

Found this posted on none other than Stan Lee’s Facebook page! 🙂 My first pick is shape-shifting, so I can adapt my physical abilities to match whatever the situation calls for. Second, telekinesis, because there are times even my first … Continue reading

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Masters of Storytelling: Stan Lee

Stan Lee. Has achieved immortality. I have heard tell that there are three great golden ages of storytelling. One was in ancient Greece, in the days of Homer. Another was in Elizabethan England, the days of Shakespeare. The third is … Continue reading

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