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MCU Copycatting: The Arrowverse

What? What’s this? Another post about cinematic universes and the phenomenon of MCU Copycatting? But it hasn’t been that long, not much as happened! Shouldn’t this come out, like, another eight months from now or something? Well, I recently celebrated … Continue reading

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TV Review: Supergirl (Redux)

So, this review has a bit of history behind it. When Supergirl first premiered, I came out pretty hard against it, and I had no intention of ever following it. Of course, a friend of mine, a fellow blogger, insisted … Continue reading

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This Week on TV, Dec. 3, 2016

Spoiler Alert! I suddenly noticed this week that my lineup has a lot of mileage behind it! Six seasons, eight seasons, a hundred episodes, and so on. I seem to be following some fairly long-lived shows! 🙂 And this week, … Continue reading

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Supergirl Super-flops

My thoughts after the Supergirl premiere, and two days of discussion with my fellow bloggers: The acting was wooden, forced, unnatural. The plot was simplistic and yet incomprehensible, simultaneously. The music was desperate to be epic at all times, and … Continue reading

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Revisiting Supergirl Already

So, I post about Supergirl. The trailer/first look at it comes out one week after that post. Of course. (rolls eyes) Now, at least, I have a few more things to say, and I think I am setting myself a … Continue reading

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Supergirl: Genius or Madness?

I hear they’re doing a Supergirl show next fall on CBS. Actually, I heard about it a couple weeks/months ago, but now I’ve heard they’ve officially ordered an entire season of the show, as opposed to just one pilot episode. … Continue reading

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