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Vegeta: Redeeming a Villain. Or, How to Make Everyone Forget He Slaughtered Planets for Fun

Vegeta. A proud Saiyan prince. One of the greatest and most powerful warriors in all the universes. Antihero. Bad boy. Tough guy. Redeemed villain. If there is one thing that people like more than a hero, and even more than … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #355: What Life Is

“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” – Westley/The Dread Pirate Roberts, The Princess Bride The exact circumstances surrounding this quote are slightly complicated and, I think, actually a little distracting from the point it makes. … Continue reading

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Favorite Adventure Movie: The Princess Bride

I feel I should mention how “adventure” and “action” are different from each other. They’re like siblings, and a pair who get along very well together, but not quite identical. If had to summarize in a single sentence: violence in … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #2: Cost of Revenge

“There’s not a lot of money in revenge.” -Inigo Montoya The Princess Bride A simple statement. Revenge demands everything and yields nothing in return.

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