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5 Adult Anime Characters

Hmmm. I know this isn’t a countdown of favorites or anything, but, still, when one is challenged to pick anything, one wants one’s choices to be good, ya know? Picking five adult characters from anime might sound so easy that I could … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Trigun

Last week, I reviewed Slayers, my first “classic” anime review, and I guess I just got in the mood for more. 🙂 It’s fair to call Trigun a classic, I think, for all that Western audiences were introduced to it … Continue reading

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Top Anime Picks pt. 2: The Top Contenders

To continue from my last post, wherein I promised honorable mentions for the anime which I would qualify as being among my favorites, but not having a particular rank, these are the top-tier competitors for a slot. Behold! The dozen … Continue reading

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