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Supervirtues: 10 Virtues to Strive For, and Heroes Who Embody Them

I hate New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps “hate” is too strong a word. I just don’t hold with them, I suppose. I mean, I can appreciate the desire to improve oneself, and I can see the poetry in making oneself a … Continue reading

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About a year ago, I began my review of Deadpool with a promise to my friends and family that I would not be the one to introduce their children to it. I begin my review of Logan in a similar … Continue reading

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MCU Copycatting #2: Fox’s X-Men Franchise

I promised to come back to the subject of copycatting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the Avenger films. The most obvious competitor, DC and Warner Bros, came first. This was partially to buy time for me to become better acquainted … Continue reading

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