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State of the Cineverse, 2019

It’s been about two years since I last commented on cinematic universes. For all of those two years, there was always something happening, something still in progress. Now, we stand at a moment where there have been multiple endings, several … Continue reading

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Dark Phoenix

Robert Jordan began and ended almost all of his iconic Wheel of Time novels with the words, “It wasn’t the beginning. But it was a beginning.” In a similar vein, one could say of Fox’s latest X-Men movie, like unto Logan before it, … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Wisdom #238: Tools

“Whether you use it to draw something beautiful, or use it poke someone’s eye out, it’s still just a pen.” – Charles Xavier, Dark Phoenix I think this might actually be my favorite moment of seeing Professor X as an … Continue reading

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The New Mutants Trailer: WHAT?!

As a general fan of the X-Men franchise (though not every single installment) I have been looking forward to Fox’s next addition, The New Mutants. Then this trailer came out just today: (fair warning: it’s a horror film) What? What? I … Continue reading

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A “Gifted” Introduction

I watched the first episode, and my immediate reaction was, “Oh, I’m definitely adding this one to my weekly lineup!.” 🙂 Following in the wake of Legion earlier this year, The Gifted is Fox’s latest contribution to the X-Men franchise, … Continue reading

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About a year ago, I began my review of Deadpool with a promise to my friends and family that I would not be the one to introduce their children to it. I begin my review of Logan in a similar … Continue reading

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Legion is Insane… no, INSAAAANE!!!!

Ho-boy! I am not quite sure where to begin with this one, except, perhaps for the statement of the obvious: this show is a crazy experience. Emphasis on crazy. From the first moment to the last, the premiere of Legion … Continue reading

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MCU Copycatting #8: The Race Evolves

It’s been over a year, now, since I last commented on the MCU Copycatting phenomenon. Originally, I thought I would just be chronicling an update on the “superhero cineverse” race, but then it suddenly hit me: the race hasn’t just … Continue reading

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If you could choose 3 mutations from X-Men for your everyday life, what would they be?

Found this posted on none other than Stan Lee’s Facebook page! 🙂 My first pick is shape-shifting, so I can adapt my physical abilities to match whatever the situation calls for. Second, telekinesis, because there are times even my first … Continue reading

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MCU Copycatting #2: Fox’s X-Men Franchise

I promised to come back to the subject of copycatting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the Avenger films. The most obvious competitor, DC and Warner Bros, came first. This was partially to buy time for me to become better acquainted … Continue reading

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